Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the Road Again
Friends of ours are flying into Tokyo from Seoul so it gave us a good excuse to go to Tokyo for a couple of days. Since it's at least a three hour drive to Tokyo we wanted to break it up by stopping somewhere for us and the kids to relax. Last week when I was making a post on my blog I randomly came across another aquarium in Japan on the Internet. I asked Eric where it was and he said it was between Shizuoka and Tokyo (plus a little extra driving off the toll). Well, that's settled we'll go there on our way to Tokyo.
On our drive to Enoshima Aquarium, we decided that the city is the San Diego of Japan. Why didn't we know about this place before? If we had, we would have looked for a University there because it is so cool! It was almost like driving through California. Obviously this city is a summer destination because of the mass of crowds walking around heading towards the beach. Made for slow driving once we got close to the aquarium.

Here's the beach view from the aquarium, just a little crowded

We finally found the place and parked under the aquarium for about $2.50 for every 30 minutes. Well, that adds up. Admission was probably one of the more expensive aquariums in Japan at 2000 yen for each adult and even Etta was 600 yen ($20, $6). Oh well, the place looks cool! I knew a dolphin show would be starting in about 30 minutes so that was our first destination. Good thing too because the stadium was already filling up. It was warm out so Eric went to grab ice cream cones for the each the girls and one for Eric and I to split. Mango...mmmm. It kept the girls happy while we counted down for the dolphin show.
Happy Chloe
Etta's was melting so fast in the heat I had to help her out!

A fan to keep her cool

The dolphin show started and to our surprise it was like going to a Vegas show that had a little dolphin action too. It was the strangest thing we've ever seen at an aquarium. Granted, the tank is small which makes it harder for the dolphins to do cool things but I would never have expected to see this. I'll include a video of it below for you just to see the strangeness of it.

These girls sing and dance and at one point take off their skirts and have the dolphins jump through them in the water. My written description can not explain it well enough, good thing I took video.

After the dolphin show we had to figure out our way back to the beginning of the aquarium because like most Japanese aquariums you can't go against the flow of traffic. The highlights for us we the large tank including a Ray Shark and the little fish that like to eat dead skin. More about that below.

Eric finds these fish funny, can't remember what they are called

No aquarium is complete here in Japan without giant crab. I love hear the Japanese people say "oishii so", "looks tasty".

We settled in for an aquarium lunch (onigiri and yakisoba) overlooking the beach.

A nice view from own table

Can't remember the name of these guys, but they like to eat dead skin. They had some work cut out for them since I have an allergic reaction going on with my hands.

Enoshima Aquarium


We really enjoyed Enoshima Aquarium. Pricey to get in and to park at, but a lot of fun things to see. The girls had a good time as usual, which makes the trip worth it. After the aquarium we headed for Tokyo. More on our trip to Tokyo soon!


Stacy B. said...

Dead-skin-eating-fish?! I've never heard of that! And what a weird dolphin show. How are your girls doing with Japanese food? X is avoiding most normal foods at this point...he won't eat peanut butter, mac and cheese, milk on his cereal, etc. It can be an interesting challenge(or annoying depending on the day). :) Hope life is good to you.

Jen said...

Giant crabs freak me out! :)