Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

We had reservations for Torii Station the next three days. Since it's about a two hour drive from Okuma back to Torii Station we decided to break up the drive and stop by the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. We try going to an aquarium wherever we visit. The girls really like all the fish, sharks, and rays and it's a great indoor activity!

the girls at the coral reef

the splash zone, a touch and feel area

checking out a fish

this fish liked the girls

One of the most impressive tanks we've ever seen, including two whale sharks.

You can see how large it is in comparison with all the people standing around

Not sure what kind of ray this was, but it's the first time I've seen one. The tank was full of them and they were huge!

The aquarium even has a cafe on one side so you can sit, eat and drink, and gaze and the marvelous tank. Below is a sample of how thick the glass is for the tank.

That was a sitting area on the backside of the large tank if you just wanted to sit and watch all the fish go back. The girls just had a lot of fun screaming and yelling as all the big fish, rays, and sharks swam by. It's fun seeing them get so excited about something.

Once you go outside you can see Sea Turtles, a dolphin show and a lot more stuff. The next dolphin show wasn't until 2pm and we had reached Chloe's nap time. Not normally a big deal to push a little later, but that would have meant hanging around outside for the next hour. It was so hot and humid there was no way we could have survived. So, we sucked it up and missed the dolphin show. Kind of depressing but we saved ourselves from the agony of two whiny kids. We did spend some time checking out the sea turtles, which there were a lot of. Turns out one of the turtles was guarding an egg. I was surprised to see it!

Here's the girls and I at the aquarium overlooking the beach

We have now been to 7 different aquariums since moving to Japan: Miho, Numazu, Nagoya, Shimoda, Tokyo Sea Life, Okinawa, Nha Trang Vin Pearl Land (Vietnam). We have now made it our mission to see as many as we can while we are here. Wonder how many more we can score?



Jen said...

Wow - the whale shark is HUGE! Crazy how many aquariums there are in Japan...why can't we have one here?

Christy said...

Well, Japan is second in amount of aquariums to America. However, it is the size of california. I'm thinking it's hard to have an aquarium in Phoenix, being a desert and all. But it would be nice to have! I'd go!

Jennifer said...

Very impressive aquarium! I watched a discovery or national geographic episode that showed the making of that aquarium. The tank was a real headache for the folks to install because it's so huge. If you're interested in another aquarium, there is another one in Tokyo that you can check's in Ikebukuro at Sunshine City. We've been to it a couple of times with Noah. Probably not nearly as impressive as Churaumi, but still fun for the kids.