Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shizuoka's Local Pool
Our local pool is open only for about one and a half months during the summer. Since Sunday was a sunny day we decided to skip church and ride our bikes to the pool. It's free admission, but costs money to park a car. Since it is so close we decide to save the parking money and get a little exercise.
It looks a little old but has everything a little kid would like. A kiddie pool, a big fountain, slides (the big ones cost money and the girls are too little to ride them), and a lazy river.
Here's Eric taking the girls down a little slide.
Making a little splash
Eric taking the girls into the lazy river.
Finally coming around
Turns out Chloe didn't like the lazy river all that much
We had a lot of fun in the pool that day. Since Etta's summer vacation starts late next week I see us spending a lot of time at the pool. I need to find some fun floating rings for the girls to use in the lazy river. Maybe Chloe would be up for floating if she had her own ring. Maybe Chloe's just not into the pool like her big sister.

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Jen said...

What is the weather like where you are at? I don't like getting in a pool unless it's REALLY warm. :)