Friday, July 03, 2009

Playdate with Ke kun and Miyabi chan
Ok, now that I'm typing it I'm wondering if it's Kei or Ke, slightly different sound and I'm not 100% sure which way his name is said. Oh well. One thing I have noticed, I never say Riko chan but that's how a Japanese person would say Riko. So, if you are addressing a little boy you say kun after his name. If you are addressing a little girl you say chan. For example, Etta is called Etta chan at school by everyone.
Ke kun is in Etta's class and Miyabi chan is two years ahead of them. They are brother and sister. Miyabi chan has been exceptionally kind to Etta since the beginning of the school year. All the kids are interested in Etta, but they don't typically go out of their way to play with her. However, Miyabe chan has. Ke kun is also a sweet kid in her class. I thought it would be fun to invite them over for a playdate. Especially since he was begging his mom to come play after school on Monday (which I nor the house was ready for a playdate that afternoon).
I wasn't too surprised when their mom dropped them off at the house and left. She has 5 kids and I think they are used to playing on their own at other peoples' homes. However, this was my first time watching kids that didn't speak English! They came in hand with origami and a bag full of snacks. They were very interested in playing with the origami but Etta shortly peetered out and I knew the bounce house was in order. I think it was a surprise for Ke kun and Miyabi chan. I think they liked it though, the only time they left the bounce house was during snack and drink time.

I think Ke kun really likes Etta, he'd just keep saying 'kawaii' meaning cute

Miyabi had to try head stands too, but they ended up being more shoulder stands
Chloe woke up at the end of snack time and helped herself to snacks. It was funny!
Chloe was more than happy to have a chance at bouncing
sibling love, wish we had that at our house!

pretending to sleep
oyasumi nasai-good night
The last few minutes of our play date ke kun found the car
Two hours flew by quickly and I think everyone had a good time. Etta was tired from all the bouncing and excitement and easily went to sleep last night. Hmm, who to invite next? I still think we freak out the other moms. We are pretty out there from the norm. It doesn't help that I can't effectively communicate.


Tara said...

How fun!

Jen said...

I bet the kids LOVED being at your house!