Thursday, July 02, 2009

Playdate with Aya and Riko
Aya is 15 weeks pregnant with their second baby and is finally feeling better. Our playdates have been slim these last 3 months due to morning sickness. We scheduled our playdate for Thursday at a nearby big park, but as usual it was raining. Our back up is always to play at our house. They live in a small apartment and we have a lot more room for the kids to run around. But, as of December they should be living in a newly built home which we are looking forward to see!
Etta was at school so Chloe and Riko played until lunch time. A good portion of the time was spent in the bounce house. Riko hasn't played in it for awhile now so she was apprehensive at first but then couldn't get her out. The girls got lots of exercise!

It was a short day of school for Etta so she was able to join us for lunch. I had made salmon onigiri as usual as well as steamed edamame, little sausages, and a dish I learned from the bento cooking class I went to Wednesday. Quartered cherry tomatoes, steamed broccoli (I only had cauliflower on hand and used that instead), topped with cheese mixed in with mayo, then baked until browned. It was good, but I don't see my girls eating that anytime soon. Aya brought ham and cheese onigiri as well as seaweed onigiri (which Etta properly ate two of), egg salad, and small chicken cutlets. Eric even got a few minutes of Japanese practice with her during lunch. It was a feast for lunch, as usual when we get together.
The girls ate as quickly as the could and then went bouncing some more. Here's Etta doing some rolls. Shortly after this picture Chloe ended up with a bloody lip. Looks like she bit her own lip when she was jumping. I swear that girl is accident prone.

Etta now does head stands
going down
so much fun!
Riko and Chloe's energy levels dipped pretty low a little before 1pm. Time for both of them to take a nap. We made plans to get together again next week as well as have them over for dinner the next weekend. It's so nice to have a local that is interested in hanging out and really tries communicating with me. It helps that her English is pretty good.
Time to go, we have an Etta playdate in a few hours and I need to get the house vacuumed and Chloe fed. I'll try taking pictures of today's playdate because these two have never been to the house. It's always fun seeing the locals eyes when they walk into our house, it's so western to them.
On a side note, we think the bounce house was the best purchase we've ever made. Ours is an Island Hopper and we purchased it from It was $200 with free shipping. However, I just check and they don't have that one anymore. There is a cheaper one though. So, if you have kids that love to bounce and think it would get lots of use I'd recommend checking into it. It's great for birthday parties too, don't have to rent one! Good indoors and outdoors.

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Tara said...

That bounce house is great! I never thought about buying one instead of just renting one for parties. We grew up with those big trampolines, but obviously the bounce house is a lot safer and more fun for little kids. What a great way for them to get some exercise and burn off energy!