Thursday, July 09, 2009

A New Fruit for Us

Etta and I went to our local grocery store the other day and she insisted that we pick up this yellow watermelon. I figured it was the same price so might as well give it a try. Not exactly sure what type of watermelon it is, but it's not bad. However, the regular ones are so good right now I'll be sticking with the regular red watermelons from here on out.

On another fruit note, I picked up a melon at the store the other day. Now, it wasn't a musk melon that's depicted in this blog, but the taste couldn't be beat for about $3 which is the cheapest I've seen to date. The one I picked up is about the size of two soft balls combined and has an intense melon flavor. Better than any other melon I've ever had. I can't imagine what a $100 muskmelon would taste like, I'll stick to the cheaper version. Etta and Chloe ate it all in one sitting, letting Eric and I have a taste.
Hmm, think I'll head to the store now looking for another one. Fingers crossed!

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