Monday, July 27, 2009

Date Night then Play Date

Last night was date night for Eric and I. Our friends watched the girls so we could go see Harry Potter in the local theater. It was the first time we've seen a movie in the theater since moving to Japan. I went to see one of the first Harry Potter movies when we lived in Misawa, but it's been a long time since going to a Japanese Theater. We arrived and Eric bought the tickets. Much easier since he can speak better then me. It was guys night so Eric was 1,000 yen (about $10) and I was regular price at 1,800 yen ($18). Luckily we had a coupon for 200 yen (about $2) off. I completely forgot you pick out your seats while purchasing the tickets. He showed us a chart of the seats and we asked which were the best available. We stopped at the concession stand and went for popcorn and skipped the beer. We originally walked into the wrong Harry Potter theater. Good thing, it was dubbed in Japanese. We found the right theater and waited to see if we were in the English version of Harry Potter. Yokkata! English with Japanese subtitles. We really enjoyed the movie, probably the best one so far. Since it was still early we went for gelato. Eric got chocolate chip and I had cassis. Cassis is popular here and I've only had it in drink form so I wanted to try it. A little tart for my taste, but not bad. If you want to try cassis, my favorite recipe is Royal Kir, champagne and cassis mixed together.
The following morning we had a play date set up with some new friends. She doesn't speak any English so we went as a family so Eric could do a lot of translating. We went back to the same place as the movie theater where there is also a big play area for the kids. This was Chloe's second time and Etta's first. We had lots of fun.
Etta climbing up

Swinging and holding on for dear life

Probably the favorite toy

The girls spent a lot of their time swing from these

This is like a tough water bed. The girls enjoyed it.

Even a little train table
A little room with flying balloons

A ball pit but also like a bounce house. Another favorite of the girls.
A hamster wheel, but for kids.
She's turning Japanese, she signs peace for pictures now.

Chloe's turn...
Lots of fun
Saying hi to Shota-kun
A little young to enjoy all the cool toys
Mayumi and Shota-kun
Chloe in the bounce house
fun falling over
A little merry go round for the young kids, yet Etta still liked it

My least favorite, a spinning UFO. It spins when someone is on it, but the girls are too light to register
Finally spinning.
The girls were spastic the 90 minutes we were in the kids room. They went from one thing to the next every 30 seconds of so. Chloe was pooped out by lunch time. A supermarket is on the first floor of this big shopping center so we went there to pick out one of the hundreds of bento (lunch) selections. The girls got their favorite, onigiri, while Eric and I split negitoro, soba, tenpura, and rice. It was a good lunch. We had to pry the girls from the shopping center since toys are conveniently placed in all the stores (aka facing the walkway!). Luckily we only left with one head band for Etta.


Eden said...

WOW!!!! What a great play area!!! I want to get in on the action! I can't believe how big the girls are getting.

Tara said...

I always get such a kick out of the great play areas they have for kids in Japan! Too fun! makes me wanna go play too. ;-)