Saturday, July 25, 2009

The College Kids Throw a Party
Well, a party for kids they tutor. When I say tutor, it really means play time for Etta and Chloe. But, it's all in Japanese so it's all the same. The college kids put a nice little festival on in honor of all the kids they tutor. Six kids showed up with probably double that number of college kids. Of course the college kids eww and ahhh over the little ones so it was a lot of hands off time for Eric and I. It started with stacking of cans which our kids enjoyed since they were the youngest ones there.
Here's Etta and Chloe in their new summer kimonos from Aya and her family.

Next was a fun game for the kids. Throw a big dice, move that many spaces. Occasionally they had to do something like say their name, jump up and down, say their sibling names, and what not. Etta was pretty shy for the questions, but had tons of fun throwing the dice and moving spaces.
Here's Etta near the end of the game. She ended up in third place, and even some of the college kids played too.
During the game, Chloe had fun running around with the college kids.

Daddy always makes a fun jungle gym
There is one thing I wish I had gotten pictures of, is a game we all played together. One person stands in from of the crowd, turns his back while everyone charges. If he turns around and someone is still moving they are out of the game. Once tagged, everyone runs back to the starting line for so many seconds. The person from the front has ten steps to tag the next person. Once Chloe and I got tagged to be the next person so I sent Eric up front with her. They are supposed to say something in Japanese while turned around. So, Chloe would sign/talk into the microphone and it was the cutest thing ever. Everyone laughed the entire time. Eric holding Chloe and jumping to tag the next person was hilarious too. Etta and Chloe just laughed the entire time.
Here's Etta with the microphone singing 'Sanpo' after the game.
After the game and short singing from Etta, we went outside for the noodle shoot.
Bamboo on an angle + water + noodles = lots of entertainment. We were given two cups of sauce, a fork for Etta, and two pairs of chopsticks for Eric and I. I opted out because it was so hot and humid outside I lost my appetite. But, the kids loved it! The college kids would send clumps of cooked cold soba noodles down the shoot for people to catch with chopsticks or forks (for the kids). Dip in sauce then eat. Etta of course gobbled them up without the sauce and Chloe was digging the saucy noodles.

I didn't get any pictures of Etta catching the noddles, but here is one mom using her son's fork.
The kid in the middle is one that gets tutoring, the other two are college kids that tutor.
Chloe getting some soba from daddy
'oishii' (delicious)
Etta waiting for the next bunch of noodles
Right off the shoot...right into her mouth
We left shortly after that since it was approaching nap time and both the girls were a little hot and whinny. We felt bad since they had so much more planned and were left with only 4 kids. But, it was best for everyone if we left. We're bummed because the college kids are off for the summer and won't have them back until October I think. The girls really enjoy the attention they get from the college kids when they come over. Not sure how much Japanese they pick up from them, but it's better than nothing.


Eden said...

What an awesome party!!! The girls are growing so fast! I can't believe it's been a year since I last saw them!!!

Fun noodle game and de-lish!

I'm sure the girls did learn from the college students.

Jill said...

The noodle slide thing looked like a lot of fun. Everyone seems to really have taken you guys in over there.

Tara said...

How fun!! I think I'd prefer catching noodles than some of our food games (bobbing for apples) :)