Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chloe Turns Two
As wild as this girls is, I'm surprised we've made it to the second year. That being said...I'm surprised Eric and I have survived Chloe this long. Crazy Chloe turned two July 13th, just a day later than Grandma Winterbottom. I felt bad because part of her day was going to be spent in the car driving up to Yokota AB. But, Eric needed to take his Japanese test and we needed to pick up lots of packages at our mail box.
After our three hour we stopped at the base commissary to pick up something for dinner as well as a birthday cake for Chloe. Of course we were going to pick out an ice cream cake since a Baskin Robins in located on the base. Pizza for us, fish sticks for the girls, and ice cream to top it off (don't worry, I cooked asparagus too). Here are some photos Chloe enjoying (aka devouring) her birthday cake. She's lucky Eric cut the piece, mine would have been much smaller.
First taste...she approves!
Who needs a fork when you have fingers?
It just keeps getting better
Who needs fingers when you have a mouth?
Chloe, you have a little cake, right there on the corner of your mouth.
After a late dinner and dessert, Chloe is beyond tired. We decide to give her one present, new pajamas. Since she wasn't up for opening the bag Etta helped her out. That's what big sisters are for.
Much better now.
Of course a new pajama for Etta happened to be in the Disney box too, which she was grateful for (and still is, she's wearing it nightly).
Here's Chloe in her new favorite pajama. She says Ella for Cinderella constantly.
The day after Chloe's birthday Eric had to take part one of his Japanese tests. Every year he has to take them to show what level of proficiency he's at. So, I couldn't get the girls out of their new pajamas to go to the park so I decided to let them open some of their gifts from the grandparents. Even though it was Chloe's birthday, stuff was tucked away for Etta too. Here's Etta surveying her new wardrobe.
Chloe is darn near naked all the time now that summer is here. They had to stop with the stickers before opening up anything else.
A signing Disney Princess birthday card from grandma and poppy (my folks) amused Etta

Since we didn't come back to Shizuoka until the middle of the week, we planned for Chloe's birthday party for the weekend. Etta's previous party was fun, but way big. We decided to keep this one small. So small, we had one family come. Aya, Hiro, and Riko came for brats (their first time trying them) and hot dogs. We also had them try jalapeno poppers which they loved. They really enjoy trying American food.
They came bearing gifts as usual. Chloe got a summer kimono like outfit (as well as Etta too!) and a cute little vending machine toy. Riko has one at home and Chloe played with it during a play date awhile back. They also brought a huge back of fireworks which you'll see a small sample of in the video below

Put money in, drinks come out, and it even plays Janken (rock paper scissors)

The girls kept themselves entertained so the adults got some hang out time too.

Flower cupcakes for dessert, which happened to be Hiro's first time having a cupcake. I suppose they don't make them here.

Chloe picked this one
Etta picked this one (she actually helped decorate this particular one)
Etta's finished cupcake, I should just give her a couple spoon fulls of frosting instead.
Riko approves of the cupcake
Chloe decides to help finish Etta's cupcake, hands free!
"Etta, I swear I wasn't eating your cupcake."
"I lied, I was!"
Cinderella pinata time, the non violent way
Riko's turn
Etta's turn third turn
That was the right string!
Etta getting lessons on proper bowing while Chloe is interested in her candy loot
More presents! Riko checking out a little Pony from grandma and poppy.
The hit of the party, Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box
Hiro gets abused at the end of every visit by the girls, they just love him
Me too daddy
Chloe kept yelling backpack, she thought she was the backpack
Hiro is in there somewhere. Oh well, he needed the exercise after two brats and a hot dog!
Another present from grandma and poppy

Hanabi (Fireworks) and singing to Chloe



Pam said...

Chloe had a week long birthday!! It's like she enjoy most of it. I think 2 is awfully young to like fireworks, maybe next year...Poor Hiro, what abuse he gets, but loves every minue of it ;)
Happy Birthday, my big girl Chloe!!

Tara said...

Fun! Happy Birthday Chloe!