Saturday, June 20, 2009

What I Found Today
I was cleaning in the kitchen and came across this guy on the counter. I've heard that centipedes are poisonous so I asked Eric to get it outside. He decided he'd rather just vacuum it up. Since looking online I've concluded it was a brown centipede that is not poisonous, but they do bite. The only good thing about these guys are they eat lots of bugs, included roaches (which have arrived for the summer). Still, it freaked me out! I think it may have even freaked out Eric a little.
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Jill said...

YUK!!! I would have freaked out too.

Jamie said...

that thing definitely looks nasty :P bugs bugs bugs! they're everywhere here! wasn't a regular part of my nebraska life ;)

Jen said...

I would have run out of the room! We had a scorpion in our house once...Dan captured it in a tupperware, then stuck it in the freezer!!