Monday, June 15, 2009

A Weekend in Tokyo
We left for Tokyo Saturday morning. Two hours towards Tokyo from our home is Kodomonokuni (Children's Land) in Tokyo Yokohama (the largest city in the world!). 240 acres of land designated for kids! Playgrounds galore, rides, cow milking, petting zoo, a little zoo, and who knows what else we didn't see. We decided to start at the petting zoo which included cows, calves, sheep, and lamb. We didn't get many good pictures or that part of the zoo. A little further away was a zoo that had a little bit of everything. Chickens, ducks, squirrels, goats, deer, donkey, guinea pigs, and bunnies. The girls were able to hold the bunnies and guinea pigs. Made for good pictures!

Etta and her guinea pig

Chloe wasn't too sure about holding this one

he moves!

ok, not so bad after all
Etta enjoyed holding this bunny, she wanted to hold them all
this one moves too!
a bunny is in there and I want it!
Chloe wanted to hug this goat
It was getting steamy so we stopped for a little drink. Gotta love the vending machines with juice boxes!
On to the playground, the roller slide is always a hit with the girls

This slide was huge, and Eric later told me the sign says elementary school kids only. Oops, but Etta wanted to do it. She went down several times with me until she had a wipe out. A kid in front of her stopped and she tried avoiding him which sent her sideways. After some recovery time she went back with Eric and had a good wipe out. See below.

A little bump to help slow you down, but Etta is slightly off center

Check out the face on her

Turns out she ended up doing a face plant into the sand. She had a little sand burn on her forehead. Poor thing. However, a little ice cream makes everything better.

Mommy took a lick, they weren't too happy about that

An hour or so from there we were in Roppongi and heading for our lodging at the Hardy Barracks Army lodging. Roppongi is the place of nightlife in Tokyo and we were in a fabulous spot. Not too far from a train station and lots of places to eat just a 3 minute walk from the base gate. For $45 a night we has a bedroom and separate living room, small fridge with freezer, and a microwave. To top it off, we had a continental breakfast too. Can't find many deals like that in Tokyo!
Here's Chloe in the living room (aka her bedroom) reading Bee and Me

Etta sporting her new sunglasses from kodomonokuniOur first night in Tokyo we met up with fellow Olmsted Scholar for dinner. He just lives a few minutes from the barracks and knew of a kid friendly place for dinner. If you ever end up staying at the barracks (all you military folk) the Monsoon restaurant is a short walk, good food, and relatively good prices (especially for Tokyo). They had a wide variety of types of food and Eric and I were craving the Thai selection. I ended up with green curry (as usual) and Eric with pad thai (as usual). The girls stuck to rice and some veggies but we were happy. Chloe turned nutty since she missed her nap so she and I left Etta and Eric with Tom. Etta was very good for Eric but had to come home for bedtime. Then Eric and Tom hit Roppongi nightlife, for just two hours though. He even came home before 11pm, of course all of girls were asleep .
The next day we took the train system to go to Tokyo Sea Life Park. The aquarium is just one train stop before Tokyo Disney. So, now we know how to get there for the future. We didn't take many pictures while we were there because we seemed to be chasing the girls from one tank to the next rather than enjoying each attraction. Though, they did have fun.

Near the end of our walk through the aquarium we came across the penguins, the girls actually left Eric and I to stand and watch them. Finally, a moment of peace and a photo opportunity.

Chloe was excited with the few penguins swimming right below her
The floor length tanks always draw their attention
Chloe kept hitting the glass, but this fish wasn't scared easily
Rare moment of affection between the girls
Lunch time, gotta love the street vendors. Hot dogs for the girls and yakisoba for Eric and I.
I'm eating it like a big person for a change
Eric saw someone eat agemochi and said we needed to try it. I thought, "why not?" Here's Eric holding the fried mochi for everyone to see. Plus the largest Japanese ferris wheel in the background.
Both Etta and Chloe wanted to take a bite too, probably because of the nori stuck to the sides. Not bad, but it sits heavy.

After lunch we headed for the ferris wheel. Ferris wheels are pretty common here in Japan. This is now my third ferris wheel ride since moving to Japan.

We didn't make it all the way to the ferris wheel because the girls saw a little park and bee lined it for the slide. It was nice to sit and relax watching the girls play.

Etta was ready for the wheel and took off through the grass, the sidewalk wasn't the most direct route.

The best picture Eric has ever taken, hands down

Riding the Ferris Wheel

A view of Tokyo Disney from the ride. One of our next adventures.
We managed to make it back to the Hardy Barracks in less than an hour with all the walking and trains. Chloe took her nap in the Sherpani kid carrier. We went to dinner at a place owned by Monsoon but wasn't as good. However, we were there during ladies hour or something like. when a lady orders a drink they get to play janken with the waitress, if you win you get the drink for free. My first cocktail, I lost. But, I wanted a mojito later and won the game. Yeah, free drink!
The next morning we made our way back to shizuoka with a stop at Yokota to pick up mail. Lots of mail in the last two weeks since we last went. We only had one throw up from Chloe and it was a little one. She's got a head cold so I think that plus the car ride didn't help. But, the benadryl seems to be helping them both during car trips.
We are back to normal life now, which means I need to go get the laudry off the patio before it starts raining. Hope you all enjoyed this long blog about our weekend family trip.


Tara said...

How fun! I really love how Japan seems to have tons of fun things for kids. That is a beautiful picture of Etta in the tall grass.

Laura said...

Etta and Chloe look so big.