Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Trip to Boat Park
Ok, I actually don't remember the name of this park. It's something something koen like all other parks but Eric and I call it Boat Park, for obvious reasons (see below). Since we are in the rainy season we have to carefully plan out our weekends and activities. Eric saw that Saturday was scheduled to be clear so we agreed to get some exercise for both us and the kids. The girls love water and since it would be warm out we wanted to make the 30 minute bike ride to boat park. We haven't been there since last summer since we didn't want the girls playing in the water during the cooler season.
Eric has his cool GPS watch that he wears during his biking trips and he told me that we went just over 5.5 miles to get to the park. It was an easy 30 minute bike ride that the girls typically enjoy since they are looking at the ocean the entire time (or my back for whoever gets that unfortunate seat). The girls took to the little playground first, but that didn't last long. They quickly headed for this dome like contraptions that kids can climb on and inside lots of ramps to get to the top. Of course the girls are incapable of doing this alone so daddy has to get in and play, I mean help them to the top.

Not exactly graceful
Everyone enjoys sliding

I had seen a mom making a wreath out of flowers at the playground and she gave it to us for the girls. Here's Etta putting it on her head. That was so sweet.
This is why we call it boat park
On the other side is a little pond like area with lots of steps with cascading water. Of course it's full of kids playing. Even though the water is crisp, the girls love getting in and playing.

There's a little pool at the top of the steps where the water comes from. Chloe was expertly washing her hat in the water. I love this picture because of the boat right behind her.
Etta loves taco tongue

One of Etta's school mates was at the boat park too! Miu happened to come over for a playdate the previous day so we were surprised to run into them at the park too. It was nice because Eric got to talk to Miu's dad for the first time and got some speaking practice. All four of the girls enjoyed playing with each other.
Miu's dad buried each of the girls in the beach
Miu sliding down in the sunken ship
The girls and dad up in the ship

Etta's bum must have been smoking after this slide because it was hot!

Chloe still has fun even though it's on daddy's lap
After a lunch of salmon onigiri and California grapes (thanks to the Yokota AB commissary) Eric splurged and bought us some Strawberry shaved ice. Mmm, we all enjoyed that. So much so we didn't get pictures of it. It was getting pretty warm and Chloe was peetering out quickly. It was time for the 30 minute bike ride home. On the way to the bikes the girls noticed the tonpopos (aka dandelions). Both Etta and Chloe wanted to pull them all out of the ground and blow on them. Made for some great pictures.
Etta's turn
One of my better pictures
Etta's class is called Tanpopo so both Etta and Chloe now refers to the weeds with their Japanese name.
Unfortunately Chloe took a nap a good portion of the ride home and therefore didn't want to take her normal nap afterwards. Made for a grumpy evening.

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Jen said...

I'm convinced that the best part of Japan is the parks!!! I would love to go to all these unique places. :)