Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Etta's First Swim Lesson
Etta had her first swim lesson Tuesday afternoon. Eric biked her over to the indoor swimming pool called Glanz (something like that anyway). Eric said she was pretty hesitant. There were 9 boys and 1 girl (her being the only girl), which I think made her even more shy. She's always talking about not liking boys! They split the group in half and she is the youngest in her group. Eric said she cried for the first twenty minutes. She was probably nervous about the language barrier as well as just not knowing what to do. You'll notice her scared face in a lot of the pictures below. Eric said he stayed with her the entire time she was upset. Good opportunity for picture taking too.

Don't leave me daddy
The little boy behind Etta has down syndrome, he probably did better than Etta during lessons

Still not too sure about this

Do I see a smile?
To top it off, they get to hang out in the hot tub the last few minutes
Eric said at the end of lessons she went into the changing room and changed all by herself. Of course when she got home her shirt was inside out and backwards, but it's progress! She told me she cried a little bit at swim lessons but that she had fun. She's asked to go again. Good thing too, she's scheduled for weekly lessons!

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