Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chloe and Etta Get Japanese Tutoring
Ok, tutoring is kind of too technical for what they really get. Let me explain from the beginning. Friends of ours told us that one of the local universities has a group of students that tutor school age children that Japanese is their second language. So, Etta falls into that category. We were also told that they have so many volunteers that they might even take on Chloe too.
We had two of the college members come to the house to meet the girls. They wanted to see the girls and find out our availability. We asked for once a week but it's not uncommon for them to meet some kids several times of week, especially when they are new to the country and a little older. Two weeks ago was the girls' first session. Two college students (one Japanese and one Chinese...who has lived here for 10 years) came to play to play and just talk to Etta and Chloe in simple Japanese. Pictures below are of our second session of playtime...I mean tutoring.

Hello, this is how Chloe fell and cut open her eyebrow...let's not let her do it again!

Etta has been saying many words in Japanese the past week. We have several Japanese books so I think a combination of us reading to her daily in Japanese, being at school all day long listening to Japanese, plus the tutoring is helping her get familiar with the language. She isn't as shy with it as I expected her to be. I hope this means she'll be able to formulate simple phrases soon. Maybe she can even teach me some, I can't understand most of what the preschool kids are saying to me! Eric was commenting that Etta is getting the best deal while we are here in Japan. She gets the most language training (4.5 hours or school a day) for the least amount of money (only $115 a month!).
As for Chloe, she can't speak much English and don't expect her to pick up much Japanese while we are here. But she does repeat some Japanese words. It's pretty cute.

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Jen said...

Your blog has a new look! I like it. :)

It is so great for both of your girls to be able to learn a second language!