Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Strawberry Picking with a Side of Dancing
Two weekends ago our church ground went strawberry picking. Sadly strawberry season is coming to an end, as of this weekend. I am pouting here. Just to let you know, these are the best strawberries I have tasted my entire life. Nothing in America can hold a candle to the fresh strawberries here in Shizuoka. With that said, I type this blog with heavy fingers. I cry just thinking that I won't be able to pick up cheap strawberries on the side of the road anymore. I must find a new substitute. Not sure if the kids will hold up without their favorite fruit in stock.
Anyway, back to strawberry picking. Strawberry picking was at it's cheapest! 500 yen per person (free for under two). So, that's about $5 per person. If you read my blog earlier this year, we paid $20 per person. Usually it's a 30 minute time limit or s designated row you are allowed to eat out of. Our church group was allowed to pick out of several green houses and it didn't take long, not even 30 minutes. But, they were good. Etta didn't eat many, she was too busy playing with dirt and chasing other kids. Chloe gorged herself within the first 5 minutes then wanted to go off on her own. It was fun, but Eric and I spent more time pacifying the kids than eating strawberries. We did as much damage as we could. We even picked up some freshly made strawberry jam that is out of this world! Speaking of, I think I'll have some English muffins for breakfast. I'm craving it now. Here are some pictures of strawberry picking below.

Eric enjoying his picks
He gives approval
Etta covered in dirt and eating strawberries

Chloe had strawberry juices on her face for quite some time before I got around to cleaning her up. It was too funny. BTW, this was the day after her run in with the TV speaker (literally)

church group
She's pretty good at squirting herself in the face, but she couldn't figure out this nozzle

Rinsing some of the dirt off
Below are pictures the day after the bike trailer accident. We bandaged it up like crazy so her finger wouldn't get dirty at school. So, it's not as bad as it looks in the picture. She's taking it pretty well. She spent the entire evening that night dancing and running around the family room. Even Chloe joined it. It was so much fun watching them spin, run, and dance.
She's getting so big
Some spinning action
poor hand
the rare sisterly love
Chloe running in circles

twice in one night, that's unheard of!
A little stretching
A lot of stretching
We just got back from a little vacation the other day. We have many pictures and it will take me awhile to get them up on a post and type about it. I'll try getting up in the next couple days for everyone to see.

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Jen said...

I can't believe how long Etta's hair is getting! I like her stretching...too cute. :)