Sunday, May 17, 2009

沼津市 (Numazu) Aquarium
Just wanted to put a little Kanji up on the blog so you know what I am looking at throughout the day, and not understanding. Ahh, the life of being oblivious to everything. Anyway, we went to Numazu where there is a nice aquarium. It was about a 90 minute drive and neither of the girls threw up, so we started off well. The girls got in free, Eric and I were about $20 each. A little expensive, but everything here in Japan is.
Sadly, there isn't as much to see as we would have liked . But, we were so spoiled with the Monterey Bay Aquarium that everything will fall short of our expectations. Some of the highlights were the walruses, dolphin show, sea lion jumping from the high dive (see pictures below), and of course ice cream.
Here are a few pictures we took inside. Besides being dark and that the girls were running from one thing to the next, nothing was that exciting. Unfortunately the only walrus picture that turned out was of its backside. One tank that got the girls' attention was with fish from Finding Nemo. Seems like everyone else stopped at that tank too.

Beginning of Sea Lion show
The sea lion on the far left 'sang' as well as played the harmonica. The other two played the piano.
The sea lions had Chloe's attention
Etta really enjoyed herself
saying goodbye
This one painted and a little boy from the audience got to take it home

This big guy climbed up the high dive

and jumped!
a small dolphin show
synchronized bubble blowing
big jumps
After the first show the girls wanted to climb all over this statue. Good picture opportunity.
Etta is bound and determined to look through these every time she sees them. Except, it costs over $1 for the one minute they work. Just not worth it. But, she looks cute trying.
On our way to the sea otters, we saw a baby sea lion nursing. It was just so cute...and loud.
For a hefty price, you can take a 15 minute tour on this boat. We opted out of that one.
Second dolphin show: I think the girls spent more time looking on their ice cream cones rather than the show. PS, Chloe is not a graceful eater

I really enjoyed the flipping sequence the dolphins did
more big jumps!
The end of the show and Etta still has ice cream!
On our way out they have pictures of your family coming into the aquarium. Ours surprisingly turned out great! It doesn't happen often that we get pictures of both girls looking at the camera and to have them with both Eric and I is even more rare. We really wanted to get it but it would have cost more than $10 for a 5x7. I would have liked it, but Eric said it was too much (which it was). Oh well. Of course they have a gift shop you have to talk through before exiting and the girls needed to check out the merchandise before leaving. This is Chloe trying to take off with a bunch of squeaky toys.

Eric has had his eyes set on going to a brewery/restaurant in Numazu so we planned on going there after the aquarium. Wasn't too far out of the way. It's not what I expected, but isn't that always the case for living in another country? No parking and much smaller than I thought it would be. There were wood chunks for seats but then were pointed in the direction of two couches and a coffee table which worked better for the kids. We ordered nachos (in Japan...that's unheard of) and fish and chips. Eric had several types of beer, I think a brown, a stout, then a porter. He was very happy to try something good and locally brewed. Hard to come by here. The food was excellent which only Eric and I enjoyed. The girls stuck to the pretzels. Go figure.
We made it home without any problems, thank goodness for GPS and the ETC card loaned to us by friends. However, Etta didn't want to go to sleep last night, woke up in the middle of the night, and then still woke up on time. Sneaking suspicion it has to do with her little cat nap in the car on the way home as well as excitement about the long day at school and her first bento. I took pictures and will explain more for all that have no idea what that just meant.

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Tara said...

I love the pictures! Especially the baby sea lion nursing. Now that seems like a rare opportunity to see! Very cool!!