Sunday, May 10, 2009

Etta at School

Just wanted to let everyone know how Etta is doing at preschool. Much better than day one! I decided she was having too hard a time going to school with me, she just couldn't detach from me. Eric has been taking her to school for the last week or two and has progressively gotten better every day. As of today, Eric stayed only 30 minutes before leaving. She cries for about 10 minutes and then is fine until I come to pick her up. She goes from 8:30am to 11:30am right now, but next week it goes up to 1pm. They'll start having an obento (boxed lunch) from them on. I'm getting excited because it looks like Etta is almost ready to transition to being dropped off!
Eric took some pictures of Etta at school a few weeks ago. Here is what school is like for Etta.

Etta putting on her indoor shoes

Playing with nendo (Clay)

Miyabe pushing Etta around, her little brother Ke is in Etta's class

wind socks for the holiday: Children's Day (or Boy's Festival)

A wind sock was Etta's favorite toy for several days. She crawled threw it countless times.
Junko Sensei (Etta's teacher) and Yuuga( in Etta's class)

This mound of dirt provides the most entertainment for the kids. They make dirt balls, slide down, roll toys down, and most of all add water to make mud.

The only other non Japanese student, Sara with friend Miu

Junk Sensei and several kids playing/feeding one of the school rabbits

Building some kind of structure

Maybe a little too big for this bike

Playing on the swings
Moko putting on indoor shoes

Waiting for her cup for green tea (which so won't drink) and snack
Someone brought brownies for the kids!
So, that's the gist of what Etta does at school for a couple of hours. I have more to type about preschool, I'll try putting it together soon.

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Vicki said...

I'm glad she's adjusting! It looks like they have lots to play with at the preschool.