Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Trip to Kakegawa
You may remember reading on my blog in March about our trip with Aya and her family to Kakegawa. We went to a big park, stayed the night, and the next day we went to a bird zoo. Well, Eric's brother Marc and his wife WeiRong were here for the weekend and took them on a rainy day. Chloe and I stayed home that day since she basically didn't sleep the night before. Rather not have a crazy child while an hour away from the house and no escape route.
Eric and Etta gave them the tour of the bird zoo that day and here are some of the wonderful things they saw. I'm kind of glad they got a chance to go since we didn't take our camera the first time we went!
Etta feeding the ducks
Eric hand feeding the ducks
Marc and WeiRong under the wonderful flowers
Eric and Etta feeding a parrot
not too sure about this!
Nope, don't like them (remind me never to buy a bird for her in the future)
checking out the tortoises
Not sure what the pout is for, but it was cute
Etta being silly at a trumpet tree
More feeding
Marc taking on three birds

Etta with WeiRong looking at the flamingos
Check out this peacock
These fish eat dead skin, don't think Etta tried it.
Looking cute running to dad
Walking with and feeding Imus
I had a great time just hanging with Chloe that day and she went down for an early nap. Of course her nap wasn't as long as I'd like, but it was great having that time to myself. Don't think I actually accomplished anything, but that's the whole point to free time! More on Marc and WeiRong's visit soon. I hear Chloe kicking her crib, time to get her up.


Jill said...

The bird zoo would not be the place for me. . Birds freak me out!!

Tara said...

My parents have one of those parrots! :-) It's a sun conure. That looks like a fun place...those are some cool looking ducks!

I'm glad you had a chance to stay home, hang out with Chloe and relax. :-)

Jen said...

That place looks fun! I let Jade hold my boss' bird once and she had a similar reaction. :)