Friday, April 24, 2009


While Etta and Daddy were at preschool this past week, Chloe and I got together with Aya and Riko. We were at a car sales and service place to have a toll road card reader gadget attached to our car (to make a long story short, you can drive right through the tolls if you have your car set up for it, that's what we are aiming for. Otherwise you have to pick up tickets at each booth and pay when exiting. This will be so much easier). Aya's husband had a friend install it while we hung out and played in a kid area. They had fun for the 90 minutes we waited for the installation.


Afterwards, we headed back to Aya's house and she made us lunch. It was a nice morning/afternoon. We have another playdate this Tuesday and hopefully Etta won't mind not being a part of it again.

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