Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nyuuenshiki- Preschool Opening Ceremony

We were armed with both camera and video camera and who would have thought the camera battery would die before one picture would be taken? We should have known. We lost the camera battery charger somewhere between Vietnam and Shizuoka so Eric has recently ordered a new one. It didn't make it in time for Etta's first day of school though. Oh well, I suppose I won't be scrapbooking this monumental day. Instead, we were at least fortunate to have the video camera. We didn't get much of it since one of us seemed to be holding a kid.
Lets start from the beginning. One of the Americans in the neighborhood has a daughter going to the same Youchien (preschool) as Etta is going to. She's been helping us get everything ready for the start of the year (more on all that is require to even go to school in another post). Yesterday she warned us that the moms and dads dress up, think suits. We couldn't believe it. Preschool is just not this big of a deal in America. Ok, we got out some nice clothes and even ironed them. Our friend told us that when they had gone to the opening ceremony, no one had mentioned that it was dress up. Of course they were in casual clothes. She didn't want us to make that mistake.
Etta had been pretty excited about the first day of school. She's got her new backpack she's been wearing around the house the last few days as well as her school hat and smock. Once we got to school though, she started freaking out. Hence...clingy Etta in the video below.
We took off our shoes and showed Etta her cubby for outside shoes (then put her inside shoes on) and went into her new classroom. She found her cubby for the backpack and hat then her assigned seat. Good thing she's on the end of the table, she's going to need a lot more help this year since she can't understand anything being said. Shortly after that we were lining up for the ceremony. The mom has to sit with the preschooler (sorry, dad's have to sit in the back with the camera equipment) and try to keep them entertained through a 25 minute ceremony. Of course I didn't catch much since I can only understand about 1 in 10 words plus they speak way faster than I can translate. So, I basically kept Etta from running from the room.
I sighed a sigh of relief when the ceremony was over and the kids were able to go back to the room and play with the toys. Both Etta and Chloe did really well with the kitchen and train toys. One of the teachers asked Eric if one of us could attend with Etta until she's comfortable. Eric is skipping school tomorrow to go with her and I'll be going with her from there. We're hoping that in a week we'll be able to drop her off and not stay with her. It's only 3 hours a day for the first month or so before going until 2pm.
Say a little prayer for Etta and us while we transition to this new phase in our lives. I think Chloe will be saying a praise to God that she'll get some one on one time with Mommy and Daddy when Etta is at school; plus she won't have to share toys!
Enjoy a little portion of what an preschool opening ceremony is like in Japan.


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Jen said...

It took Jade a couple weeks to get adjusted to preschool! Hopefully Etta does better. :)