Friday, April 17, 2009

Little America
Since our car is registered in the city that Yokota AB is located, we had to go up to Fussa city to pay road taxes. Wouldn't it be easy if they just sent us something in a mail and paid it like any other bill? But, I suppose not that many people stationed at Yokota AB lives several hours from the base (we only know of a handful). We had a window of 5 days to pay our taxes on base. A few weeks ago we decided to try getting the girls' dentist appointments the same time so we could at least be reimbersed for the trip up and back (otherwise it's about $100 in tolls and then the gas on top of it). We managed to get the girls in on a Wednesday, which ment Etta was going to miss a little bit of school. Oh well.
We headed up Tuesday after Etta got home from preschool and had a relatively relaxing drive. Both the girls took a little nap (30 minutes is all Chloe ever does in the car) but managed not to throw up! Thank goodness I remembered the Benadryl. The girls were so good we stopped to pick up our mail before going to our hotel room. And when I say hotel room, I really mean Temperary Living Facilities which is a three bedroom apartment. Etta calls it home since we go there so much. We unloaded the car and oodles of boxes (thanks mom!). We like to take all of our linens to wash and dry (we have a super small dryer so it doesn't get used much) as well as things that need to go through the dishwaser (aka any bottles and sippy cups used).
Eric wanted to accomplish a few things without the girls and I was more than happy to let him do the running around. With the girls, everything takes twice as long. While Eric was doing the grocerey shopping and what not, the girls and I were ripping into boxes to see the loot. My mom loves to pack a bunch of boxes together for our monthly trips up to Yokota and this time we had birthday presents for me plus Easter gifts for the girls. The girls made out like bandits! Grandma sent tons of clothes, books, candy, beach towels, and even Space Buddies (it has golden retrievers in it so of course my mom would get it). The girls spent the entire time at Yokota reading, trying on dresses, and playing with everything in their pails.
My favorite part of the trip was renting cheap American movies. A little on renting movies in Shizuoka...the rental place isn't technically close so that's the first draw back. Also, it's expensive to rent. About $4 for one night and the American movie selection isn't all that great (small and not exactly new release like in America). We walked to the shoppette just a few minutes from our TLF building and staired at all the options. Of course Etta was picking up every animated movie box until she could hold no more. Eric and I debated forever on the movie to get for us and decided on Yes Man with Jim Carrey. Since we wanted to appease Etta, we stearred her towards Bolt. We wanted to enjoy it too and figured Bolt would be better than the Handy Manny disc she was telling us she wanted to watch.
Eric and I laughed ourselves silly to Yes Man as the girls were asleep. It was just refreshing to watch something new. The next day we watched Bolt in several segments. Unfortunately the girls didn't seem all that interested in it. They were too busy playing to sit and watch it. But, Eric and I really liked it.
As for the dentist appointments, all went fine. Etta wouldn't let them do the xrays which wasn't a surprise. Both the girls had a little cleaning and overall teeth check. We've been concerned for Etta's underbite but they said they'd give it another year before looking into doing anything. I've looked online and saw that little kids could outgrow it, I'll be praying for that otherwise we'll be spending a lot of money and time fixing Etta's mouth.
We headed home Thursday morning since we had Japanese lessons in the afternoon. Arrived home 15 minutes before my lesson. Lets just say it was a hectic time rushing into lessons then spending the rest of the day putting everything away. But, it was nice to experience a little bit of American for two days. Even though it's a pain to go up there and back, it can be nice too!

This video is mainly for my mom, shows the girls enjoying all the great things she and my dad sent. However, the first 6 seconds or so is to show how wonderful the girls were going there! puke. It's a good day when Eric nor I have to clean that up.


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Pam said...

I enjoyed watching the girls reaction to all their loot. I guess I made a good buy with Etta's dress. It's a "spinning" dress ;) Thanks for getting all that on video.