Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girl Updates
Thursday Etta had to return to the hospital for someone from Plastic Surgery to check out her finger. Even though the accident was on Wednesday, it was a Japanese holiday. So, back to the hospital Eric and Etta went. When he got there they informed him that Chloe's stitches were supposed to come out that day as well. Since he was told it would be 7-9 days after the stitches were put in, he just assumed the following Thursday. So, he came back home to pick up Chloe and I.
It looked like a long wait but the hospital must be efficient because we didn't wait but 10 minutes before being called back. They took care of Etta first and she was reluctant to give the doctor her bandaged hand. It looked pretty bad but the doctor said it should heal on its own after time. We have to keep it bandaged and lots of medicated lubricant to keep it from scabbing. It can be washed at bath time but otherwise needs to be covered. She has been a super trooper when it comes to cleaning and bandage time. She's milking it for all she can and loves to show everyone her hand and tells them about her boo boo.
Chloe did not want the doctor to remove the stitches, but luckily it was only four. It didn't take long and the lollipop in her hand brought some quick relief. She has to wear special tape on her eyebrow until it's completely healed. But, it looks pretty darn good. It must have been a clean cut because it looks like there will be very little scaring.
As for Eric and I, we need a break from all the accidents! This coming Monday through Wednesday is a Japanese holiday and we just decided to go do something. We have hopes that this will be a well needed change of pace for our family. We're going to spend one day at Yokota picking up packages and doing some shopping then the next day at a military recreational facility called Tama Hills. We'll be in a cabin and have lots of family activities at our disposal. If we really like it, we want to go back but for a longer period of time. And if we can, we'd like to take our local friend Aya and her family with us. Pray for no accidents, no throw up, and general peace during our upcoming mini vacation.

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