Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Camping Trip #2

We went back to Okitsugawa (the same place we went camping two weeks ago) to do another round of camping over Easter weekend. Where do I start? First, I forgot to bring the liquid Benadryl. That should have been enough to warn me that the trip wasn't going to go well. We wanted to see if there was another possible camp site further from the one we were at last time so we ended up driving an extra 15 minutes. We even went onto a dirt road. It was pretty bumpy and winedy and Etta ended up throwing up on herself. Luckily I brought an extra set of clothes. I changed her and we turned around heading back to our previous camping spot. As Eric was backing into our camp site Chloe threw up on herself. Good thing I had a spare set of clothes for her too! Ok, we haven't even stopped the car and they have both thrown up on themselves!
In two weeks the weather warmed up and the bugs were out. We brought a sun shade/bug tent which we used quite a bit until the sun went down. We took up a lot more room this time. Since we had gotten there late morning the girls were kind of getting bored in the afternoon. Luckily I had brought Easter presents and eggs so we decided to celebrate a day early. The girls opened presents while Eric hid some plastic eggs around the camp site. This was Chloe's first time egg hunting, Etta's second. I don't think Etta remembers hunting last year at grandma and poppy's house. It was so cute watching them look for eggs. As you'll see in the video, we went egg hunting many times. The girls didn't mind. As the girls found eggs and put them in their bag, Eric would take them out and hide them when they weren't watching. We had many laughs.
Etta doesn't seem to enjoy hanging out in the dark so she excuses herself to the tent pretty early and goes to sleep easily. Chloe on the other hand I rocked to sleep and put her in the pack n play (we remember it this time!). Eric and I had a peaceful evening in front of the campfire and enjoyed smores by ourselves. We didn't want to deal with the mess it would make on the girls since it had gotten pretty dark. Eric and I had no problem getting to sleep even though we were sharing the bed with Etta this time.
Somewhere around 2:30 Chloe woke up. I went ahead and put her on my spot of the bed and she seemed pretty relaxed. I curled up on the foot of the blow up bed in hopes that she'd fall asleep, I wouldn't care about being cold and uncomfortable as long as she went to sleep. However, Eric got up to go to the bathroom and the commotion woke up Etta and thus the downfall of the camp trip. Etta and Chloe weren't about to fall asleep next to each other. Too much fun playing. Etta was just too tired so I put Chloe back into the pack n play and we all tried going back to sleep (other than Chloe). Chloe screamed for quite a long time. Eric decided it was pointless in listening to her scream so he asked if I wanted to pack up camp and go home. Yep! Luckily the night before Eric put a lot of things in the car. So, he packed up everything in the dark while the girls hung out in the tent (Chloe still screaming). We pulled out of the camp site at about 4:30am. The sun was just thinking about coming up over the mountains as we were leaving Okitsu. Finding Nemo keep the girls comatose until they fell asleep. I then too followed their lead. Poor Eric drove in silence (maybe he was secretly rejoicing).
We arrived home at 6am and the girls both transferred to their beds without complaints. We left mostly everything in the van and Eric also went back to sleep. My cat nap made it impossible to go to sleep so I got a lot done around the house. Thus concludes our camping trip. So, Etta loves camping and Chloe may not be ready for it. We want to try it again but need another couple of weeks to forget this one. We're thinking that we'll just have to put the other blow up bed just in case Chloe wakes up and then we can try getting her to go back to sleep away from her sister. Not sure if it will work. Suppose we'll have to camp close to Shizuoka again just in case.
Here's a video of our trip. Feel free to fast forward any of the boring parts.



Jill said...

Wow, I don't think I would go back camping. :)

Tara said...

I admire you and Eric so much for how much you travel and do activities with your kids, even though it can be difficult. Good for you for making the effort. I'm sorry this trip got cut short, but it sounds like you had some fun moments too. That's just life with little kids huh? :-)

Jen said...

Do they have Dramamine for kids?! I am so thankful that Jade doesn't throw up on trips! Instead, I'm the one that gets sick.