Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day at Kuno Youchien

Kuno is the name of Etta's school and Youchien means preschool. It's been two weeks now and she is doing better, but we can't leave her. I'm all up for leaving her and she melted down. We'll probably stay with her next week as well and then talk to the school about leaving her from then on.
She's made a new friend, Miyabe. She's two classes ahead of Etta but still takes an active interest in playing with Etta every day. Below you'll see them playing a lot. Also, I've tried capturing the essence of the Japanese preschool. It's just so different compared to American schooling. I haven't filmed the process of changing from play shoes to indoor shoes, but it's a time consuming process for the Tonpopo's (dandelion-the name of the first year preschool class). Also, bathroom time is interesting. The teacher has the kids completly depants themselves, take off their shoes, then put on bathroom slippers to go to the toilet. They can choose between a western toilet or the Japanese squatters. They haven't asked Etta yet to depants herself since she can do the western toilet on her own. I'll be interested if they try in the future. For obvious reasons you won't see any of that on video.
They had earthquake safety training today, so if you see seat cushions on kids' heads, that's why. Hope you find the video interesting and fun to watch.


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Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Interesting preschool in Japan. Is it required of them all to wear hats? I sure hope Etta gets used to it soon so you can get home...