Sunday, April 26, 2009

Accident Prone Chloe

I posted last month about Chloe's forehead meeting the corner of a coffee table. You can see the end result of it in the picture. It's a little scar in the middle of her forehead. Plus you can see a red mark under her right eye. Etta somehow bit Chloe under the eye. We haven't had any biting incidents since then and we are fully prepared for when/if either of them try it again.

Days after the biting incident Chloe was trying to climb on a toy when she decided she'd get down. Before making it to the ground she fell. I didn't think much of it but then I picked her up and saw the nice cut on her right eye brow. Eric was actually making cookie dough when it happened. My first words were, "Call Tricare". It's not like we can just go to an emergency room and give them our insurance card. Eric got the go ahead to take Chloe to the emergency room, pay out of pocket, then get reimbursed later.
While Eric was on the phone I grabbed the camera. I want Chloe to know when and how she got all these scars when she's old enough to understand. she was surprisingly fine several minutes after the fall. So much so, she was playing in her toy car.

We drove to the hospital and had to drive around twice to figure out where to park. There was a pay parking lot right in front of the ER so for $2 we parked there. There was only one person in the waiting room so we only waited several minutes before getting called back. Eric told me to hang out with Etta while he went with Chloe. I only heard screams and got everything second hand from Eric. He told me it took him, three nurses, and a doctor to hold her down and get four stitches in her eye brow. But, she held no grudges and loved on daddy when they came out. We waited for the some medication to come out and paid the $300 bill. Round trip was about 90 minutes. That would have been the wait time in an American ER.
after stitches
We were asked to bring her back to the plastic surgery part of the hospital Monday morning to see if they could do anything to reduce scarring. Eric took her and got the thumbs up from plastic surgery. In six days she gets her stitches removed. I'll get some photos of her stitches up soon.

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