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Vietnam Family Vacation- Nha Trang and heading home
This may end up being a long post. I put the rest of the pictures on then realized just how long it was going to be. Oh well.
Chloe, just too cute at dinner

We saw this server almost every time we went, which was almost daily. The girls really liked her.

I left off in my previous post with us at Vinpearl and we had just had a fun morning at the water park. The second part of the day was spent playing at their adventure land. We played with were the rides the kids were big enough to play on, which weren't many. Let me first start off by saying, when we walked into the park the boat ride was just letting passengers off and all of the people beelined it for Etta. Imagine about 30 people surrounding Etta, pinching, picking up her shirt to look at her belly, smacking her legs and butt, and just ewwing and ahhing over her. Unfortunately Eric was on the sidelines not getting pictures or video of it. Etta was determined to doing the merry go round so she ran for it. Of course all the passengers of the boat ride went for the merry go round to watch (aka stare) and Etta. It was funny. Etta didn't seem to mind once she was on the ride.
Chloe was ignored during the attack!

Gotta love the elephant ride, Etta talked about it the rest of vacation
Chloe even really enjoyed it
Eric said he didn't need to do this ride again
Not much of an upside down ride kind of guy
Once Eric was recovered from his ride, we walked from the adventure land to the aquarium. We saw a pretty spot to take a picture, this is what we saw.

Even an aquarium at the resort's adventure land!
The next day was a rainy day, so we decided to ride the cable car from our resort's island to the mainland of Nha Trang and back. About 30 minutes round trip. Then we'd be right back at the adventure land which also has an indoor gaming area.
The girls' first time in a cable car
Chloe didn't seem to mind
Looking at the Vinpearl island on our way back
The rare picture without kids!

The indoor game area was better than I had expected. First, everything was free! Then, they had something for every age. A little room for the young crawling kids, an enclosed area for the toddlers, a rock climbing area for young kids, toddler ride on toys, bumper cars, and the vast array or games for kids and adults. We had so much fun!
Chloe wasn't too sure about this ride
Etta had a blast
But daddy seemed to enjoy it the most!
This game kept us all entertained! Even the girls were able to knock a tooth down occasionally.
Eric and I both were able to play a game or two, it's fun being a kid.


Once we were done we headed back to our room for Chloe to get a little nap. Both the girls were going to daycare! Yep, our hotel had a Kiddie Korner. free daycare for 4 and up and $5 an hour for younger. It was worth it. It's a huge area with tons of toys, games, and TV. The girls would run in there and never look back (we'd go in occasionally just to play with the toys...that's free). However, we put them both in for three hours so Eric and I could go to the water park and do all the big slides ourselves. It was great! We feel old since some of the slides actually hurt. But, we had fun none the less. We even had time to go over to the ride area and do some of the adult rides. So worth the $30 in babysitting. The ladies were great too.
Our last morning we had to plan our everything well. We had to check out by noon but we weren't getting picked up until 4pm at the other end of the cable car (or speed boat). So, here's our morning mapped out carefully. It's always more difficult when traveling with kids!
Chloe lounging in our bed

Stuffing face (and bib) with yogurt
Great timing on Eric's part, a picture we can torture Etta with when she starts dating!
We headed for the beach at the resort. It was really nice and shallow. But, it had been windy since the day before so the waves were pretty good. We had fun none the less.
Etta trying a hammock for the first time
Chloe just had to join in
Etta says, "You can have it, I'm out of here!"

The girls fought over these floaties relentlessly, yet they never used them in the water.
Etta getting buried standing up
There was a 4 foot drop to her right, yet she kept getting up on the ledge. Our little daredevil.
After the beach we went back to the room to clean up, pack up, and check out. Our baggage was sent to the main land and we kept what we'd need for the next four hours. We ate lunch and then went to the kiddie pool. A family was eating while we were swimming and loaned us some fun floaties for the girls.
The frog eyes squeaked which made Chloe laugh, giggle, and jump around each time she squeezed them.
We cleaned up again then headed for kiddie korner for our last 45 minutes on Vinpearl
Not sure if you can see the sign, it says "for children" but I couldn't help myself. We were the only ones in there!
We got on our tram/tuk tuk to the speed boats. We took the boat back to the main land and waited for our guide to pick us up and take us to the Nha Trang airport (which will be an international airport in several months...just missed it!). We had some down time before our flight but the flight left on schedule and we landed in Ho Chi Minh city with about 4 hours until our flight to Tokyo was to leave. It was a 11:55pm flight.
The ANA airlines wouldn't let us check in until two and a half hours before scheduled take off so we went in hunt for food. Not much of a selection at the airport, but there was fast food Chinese. We survived our wait time and checked in pretty quickly. We got there security, customs, and headed for our gate. Chloe past out and we had her on the floor. Luckily we were one of the first to show up and we stationed ourselves around the only outlet. Etta kept content watching movies until she fell asleep too.


It was boarding time and nothing was happening. Then, we notice things were being removed from the airplane, like luggage. ANA kept stalling until about 1:30 am when they announced the plane was broke. can imagine how we felt. The kids would sleep through this flight! They were putting us all up in a hotel for the night and we'd find out more in the morning. We were one of the lasts out of the gate area, last out of customs, last to get a taxi, and last to get into a hotel room (thanks ANA for helping those traveling with little kids...especially two toddlers sleeping on our shoulders as well as carry on and three normal pieces of luggage!). We had to argue with our taxi driver that ANA was paying for it and not us. Finally another driver came over to tell him what was going on. I have to say, it was a great hotel (hotel equitorial).
Etta was a sleeping champ
Waiting for Etta to wake up!

However, we got to sleep from 2:30am to 7am. Ugh. We had to figure out what to where since everything was dirty (we would have been almost to Yokota AB by this time). Lets just say, the girls clothing in particular was a little ratty. Our flight was delayed again until 1pm. We had baths and breakfast and were picked up at 10:30am, this time getting preference because of the kids. We got through check in, customs and security super fast. We took up the same spot and waiting for our flight. Of course the girls were awake, screaming, and cranky the entire flight. It was not fun. We landed and it took us two hours to get through customs and get our luggage! It was 10pm Tokyo time. We went to ANA's counter to see if they could help us get to Yokota, all buses and trains we knew we done for the day. They came back with a list of 6 trains we'd need to take (a total of 5 transfers with luggage and two sleeping toddlers) to get to the base. We'd arrive at about 1:30am. Hmmm, I was about to cry. I knew if we'd miss one transfer we'd get stuck somewhere over night. Eric asked to be put into a hotel for the night.
That night we stayed in the ANA hotel. We slept from about midnight to 6am when Etta started freaking out. We were given two rooms with two twin beds. Etta woke up with daddy and no mommy, which is who she wanted. So, Eric brought her over. She fell asleep and I couldn't. Oh well. By this time we were all wearing really dirty clothes (especially the kids) and just didn't care. We were able to take three trains to Fussa City (where Yokota is), take a taxi to the gate, then walk 10 minutes to the base hotel. We checked in, Eric walked me to a playground, then took off to pick up the van. Getting to the base was is as close to being in America we can get. As soon as we got to our room I started washing and drying clothes! The girls were so happy to see familiar surroundings.
To make a long story short, we stayed another day longer before heading back to Shizuoka. Our car had some maintenance done as well as the every two year inspection done on it. We also got lots of (grocerey) shopping in too. We arrived home Friday afternoon, started unpacking, then repacking for a weekend trip with friends. That's for another post.
I'm sure I left out lots of information on the trip, so I'm sure I'll be writing post thoughts on Vietnam soon as well as pictures from our weekend trip. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures..

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