Monday, March 16, 2009

Vietnam Family Trip- Nha Trang
After monkey island we were taken back to our hotel in Nha Trang. On the drive back Etta fell during an abrupt stop and fell face first into the base of the driver's seat. See below, Etta's first black eye. I suppose that's one of the many problems of not having car seats while traveling in a less industrialized country. But, as of now Etta's eye is almost back to normal. The bruise is almost completely healed.

We went to a restaurant just a few doors down from our hotel and the food was terrible! However, the freshly squeeze mango was the highlight of the meal.
The next day we went back to the Louisiane Brewhouse to lounge on the beach. This time, the girls wanted to use the pool. Basically, if you go to eat, drink, or lounge out on the beach you get to use their pool. However, it's not really meant for kids so it was difficult keeping up with both of them when alone.Chloe wasn't too thrilled about being buried
During nap time Eric told me to catch a cab and go to the market for some more shopping. The ATM wasn't working outside the hotel so I figured I'd catch a cab and hit an ATM at the market. Once I got there no ATM would give me money. Something I still have to figure out. So, ended up walking back to the hotel since I didn't have much Dong left. We headed back as a family to the market after Chloe was rested. Let me just say it was a complete bust. First off, think of a narrow road with stalls on both sides. The problem is scooters are zipping by constantly. Makes it difficult to walk and look around with two toddlers in tow. Once we finally found something of interest bargaining was impossible. We wanted to buy dried kiwi and they had a price listed on the jar (about 55,000 dong) but were asking about quadruple the price (198,000). Basically, it would cost American prices for something in Vietnam. I was outraged. The kids and I were thirsty so we walked to one of the many stalls selling juice and water and I asked how much (you always have to ask, they give a different price based on who you are) and they asked for 20,000 dong, $1.25 when it runs typically 8,000 (50 cents). I laughed and turned around, no sense trying to bargain with them. I can buy it from our mini bar for less than that! I was furious after those two incidents and we soon left. No point in trying to shop when they won't even give fair rates.
I soon felt better when we asked our hotel for dinner recommendations and they sent us two blocks over to Nha Trang Seafood Restaurant. It was delicious and cheap, about $15 for three meals and tons of beverages. Our favorite being lemon juice, which is the equivalent to fresh lemonade. We ate red snapper in a lime sauce, sauteed seafood with noodles, and some chicken dish for the girls. Yummy!
The service was great, the fawned all over the girls and the girls enjoyed them too

Keeping entertained by plastic spoons from the juice glasses

Licking ice cubes, a favorite pastime of Etta's

This is what we normally woke up to in Vietnam, the sun coming up. The girls were typically up at 6am every morning. Not bad since that's 8am in Japan. This is the view from our hotel, Asia Paradise.
Etta slept in the king size bed with us

Chloe happily jumping on her sister

just too cute
After three days and three nights we moved to another hotel. I had read about a resort just off of Nha Trang that sounded perfect for families. I wanted us to experience some of Vietnam before going to Vinpearl because I knew we'd never leave the island once we got there, and I was right. Ok, it's it's own island that you have to take either a speed boat or a 15 minute cable car ride to get to. From there you take tuk tuks to get to the resort on the other side of the island. There is a water park, amusement park, beaches, and even an aquarium. The first day we got there we spent in one of the kiddie pools at the resort. The kids loved it.

Doesn't quite fit in an inner tube, but fun none the less
None of the resorts restaurants open before 6pm and the girls are on an early eating schedule. So, we found the beach bar has plenty of good food to choose from as well as the best scenery around.
The breakfast buffet was so insane, lets just say it has everything to offer. The girls usually had a good time taking bites of everything yet eating nothing more than yogurt. They always make a mess.
Etta looks slightly scary here
Chloe looking cute
Chloe looking dirty, it's yogurt
A playground in front of the hotel
Etta enjoyed the ball pit
Chloe falls in rather than jumps
A good sequenced set of pictures

On our way to the resorts water park, just a short tuk tuk drive from the hotel
The water park is free for hotel guest...awesome! We really enjoyed the kiddie pool, I mean the kids really enjoyed the kiddie pool:)
Lots of slides for little kids to enjoy, and enjoy they did!
At the wave pool
Chloe is darn near sleep in this picture, we headed back to our hotel room after this shot. We wore the kids out!
So much more to post and I'll get to it soon. I've got all the videos on the computer, now I need to work on the rest of the pictures. I'll slowly get everything on the blog. We're back in Japan and will work our way back to Shizuoka at the end of this week. Check back soon for more on Vietnam.

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Tara said...

The scenery there looks amazing! That's so frustrating about the unfair prices at that market but it sounds like you got some great prices in other places. I'm amazed at how cheap the food and massages are there.