Saturday, March 07, 2009

Vietnam Family Trip- Getting to Ho Chi Minh City

From Yokota we took a base bus to Narita airport. It's claimed to take four hours to get there. We were not happy about that. However, the bus ride was actually not too bad. Chloe fell asleep for a good hour of it and Etta relaxed in my lap for most of it. Instead of four hours it was about 2.5 hours. So, we ended up having 5.5 hours until our flight! We went from play area to play area, eating, and just trying to keep them happy. Of course our flight ended up being delayed 45 minutes. Not that big of a deal, but when you have girls that had little to no nap it makes it worse. The plane rise was the only tough part of the trip. Chloe only slept an hour or so. We didn't arrive in HCMC until 1:45am Japan time! She was psycho. Etta had a two hour nap and then proceeded to vomit everything in her stomach. Luckily, must of it ended up in the barf bag and little on me, her blanket, and her shirt.
We didn't get settled into our hotel room until 1:3oam local time and was up with Etta at 5:45! So, we feel hung over due to lack of sleep. The girls are just crazy, screaming lots, and refusing to sleep. We've been out to the Ben Thanh market here in HCMC twice. The first time we just walked through amazed at all the stalls and things for sale. The most impressive is the meat and fish sitting out. Some of the fish were still moving. We only bought matching outfits for the girls then. Some ladies grabbed us ewwing and ahhhing over the girls and then showed us cute outfits for them. We were suckers, but they did look cute in the outfits. It was amazing how many people would just stop and and start talking to the girls, picking them up, and loving on them. The Vietnamese are super friendly, touchy, and all around nice people. Oh yeah, we picked up a bunch of those little bananas, strawberries, and a bunch of Rambutans for the equivalent of $3.


After lunch both the girls really needed to take a nap so Eric kicked me out of the room to make it less crowded. He gave me all the Vietnamese Dong and told me to find a nice bag. Down the street I went and went from one stall to the next looking at tons of knock offs. I'm not big into any brand name, I was just in the hunt for a really nice bag. They would ask, "what brand do you like?". "I don't care, I want a bag that says buy me!". Of course I like leather and found that they still wanted a small fortune for knock off leather purses. Finally, I found a bag that said buy me. Actually three said buy me because they all had the same material. It's a leather Gucci bag with the G stamped all over. I wouldn't typically go for it, but was simple and nice. Still wasn't a steal, but not bad! We're hoping to pick up some more stuff this evening at the market. We were warned not to plan on buying much in Nha Trang since it's more touristy resort like.
We fly to Nha Trang tomorrow, this time only a 90 minute fight. Pray for safe travel and a nice hotel. We'll post more soon. Maybe we can get a video of us crossing the street, always a fun game.

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Christi said...

I hope the rest of the trip goes better. We would love to have you visit us in Korea.