Thursday, March 26, 2009


A few weeks back I did a post on Pampers and their One Pack = One Vaccine. Because of that post I was sent 4 pampers onesies to do with as I pleased. I thought it would be more fun to do a give away than pick four friends to send them to. Surely, you know someone with a baby or pregnant.
How it works: To enter, all you need to do is leave me a comment. You need to tell me a funny baby story. Either from your own child, a friend's child, or even a made up funny baby/little kid story. Here, I'll give you one of mine. We took a family vacation to Hawaii when Etta was 7 months old. My parents wanted to give Etta a lemon slice for the first time to see a sour face. She got the lemon slice, licked it, and smiled. Not the reaction we were expecting.
What's up for grabs? Four 12 month Pampers' onesies. Four winners, each will get one onesie. This giveaway is open to anyone, not just people I know.
When? I'll keep this up for one week then we'll have the computer randomly pick the winners. I'll contact the winners. I look forward to reading comments.


Butterfly Kisses said...

Christy -
Can I add this to 5 Minutes for Mom's Around The Blogosphere on Sunday?

- Erica :)

Pam said...

Okay, another thing that happened while in Hawaii...Etta was pretty warm, and while we were eating out on the patio of the beach cafe, I would take a straw, and give Etta water a few drops at a time. She looked like a little bird waiting to be fed by Mommy, but in this case it was Grandma!!! So cute, I think we have photos of it somewhere.

Whitney said...

My almost four month old stole my baked potato while we were out to eat this past week. He weighs 16 pounds, so I guess he thinks he's ready for "real" food. I was going to give him some, because he was so interested, but I wasn't fast enough for him. Before I knew it, he had a handful of potato. Everytime I would get close to his face (I was feeding him with my finger) he would grab my hand and put in his mouth. Everyone got a big kick out of it.

Leslie said...

Oh.. when my Twin's baby was born almost 24 years ago.. I wanted to say he was THE MOST gorgeous BABY EVER!!! I was, still am a pediatric neonatal nurse!
OMGOD, he was so ugly! His head was pointy, he was wrinkled and he was a mess! His nicknamke for one week was "Turtle head", because his neck was so strong and he could lift his head and turn it from side to side! Today he is ONE fine lookin' man!!! YUP, after 1 week he was a CUTE baby and the UGLY went away!!!!!
Great Giveaway!!!!
PS. All babies are beautiful!!!

Tara said...

One of my favorite stories is about my niece. She was about 4 years old at the time. She is VERY tall for her age and I am VERY short (only 4'11). At some point, Hailey noticed this. She always compared her height to me to measure her growth. She always thought I was a kid too, being so small, and expected me to grow right along with her.

Well one day, she comes up to me and says (in a very concerned voice) "You know, I think you've stopped growing!".

Christi said...

When my oldest Ben was almost 4 we were in a very small pharmacy waiting on RX. This very large lady came in and Ben looked at me and said "Big mommma's house. Mommmy she looks like big momma's house". I was about to die.

My daughter who turned 3 after we got to Korea noticed the language difference right away. We went with out realtor to look at places and while he was talking with someone else Ashley says as loud as she could "They talk funny. Why do they talk funny."

Jill said...

The other day Jade and I went to Sprouts market to get produce for her baptism. Needless to say I had a bunch of stuff on my mind. I got all my groceries, checked out, and loaded them in the trunk. Yes, I then proceeded to load Jade in the trunk. I turn to put that cart back and I see Jade just smiling in her car seat that is sitting in the trunk.. Oh goodness. . .I need some more sleep!! Thank goodness I did not try and shut the trunk.