Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yokota AB Trip

You may not know what it means to us to take a Yokota AB trip for two days; let me explain. First of all, we've been going about once a month to Yokota for Eric to finish his ACSC tests. This week was Eric's last test which he past with a 90%. In quick summary, to be promoted to a Lieutenant Colonel you need a masters as well as finishing ACSC (learning fun facts about the military). Now, he's done and can lay back and wait until his next promotion comes around (in another couple of years). We take this opportunity at Yokota to pick up all our packages and mail. If we had it sent to our house, it would be an international address and would cost a lot more for us and everyone else. So, we just get a massive amount of stuff once a month or whenever we make it to Yokota. We also take the opportunity to stock up on food. Wow, the price difference between the commissary on base and the local stores is amazing. Obviously, our local store doesn't carry what we are used to in America, but what they do carry is just darn expensive. We really stock up on American milk (since we go through so much), certain produce, all our meat, and all the pantry items we can think of. It looks like a lot when we buy all at once, but it is only once a month. It makes our trips to our local Mochizuki pretty cheap. Also, another great thing about going to Yokota is just the feeling of being in America. It's amazing how stressful it can be trying to communicate and survive in another language and that stress is lifted while we are on base.
One more fun thing we needed to do was all get vaccinated. Etta needed her three year shots, Chloe her 18 month shots, and all of us needed flu as well as anything needed for our Vietnam trip. We were relieved to show up at the clinic and no one was in front of us. The lady working by herself walked out and mentioned she needed to see another patient in the hospital and would be back in a few minutes. After that Etta started repeating "I want to go home" in a whine and then into sobs. Well, it was a lot longer than a few minutes before she returned and then it took forever to get all the shots ready for the four of us. Etta was in near hysterics during this time and Eric had a vise grip on her. Chloe was being the opposite of her normal self, she was being good (I swear they tag team us on this!). I switch with Eric and cuddle and assure Etta as much as I could. Eric gets his shots then Chloe who doesn't scream or cry! I get my shots and then Etta gets hers. She's still sobbing until she gets her bandaids. She's fine! I swear, she cried, whined, sobbed for at least 20 minutes over those two shots and it was all for naught. We were those people that others talk about over their dinner meal.
Our two nights there went fine and our three hour drive back was peaceful. Not sure how that happened, but we thankful God for that! Eric has more free time now that he's done with ACSC. However, he has a 20 page paper due before our Vietnam trip so I'm sure he'll be consumed with that. Here are some funny videos of the girls.

Chloe's introduction to ketchup


Etta frightened by grilled cheese



Christi said...

Wow Etta is afraid of grill cheese what have you been doing to her. Ashley had her 3 year old appt today and she was good on her shots.

Christy said...

Etta pretty much only wants to eat rice and salmon now. She's so dang picky it's unbelievable! At least Chloe will eat almost anything.