Sunday, February 15, 2009

Out and About
Ok, I haven't been blogging anything of substance lately, but I haven't been on the internet much lately. I have to confess, we haven't been doing well at taking pictures or videos of the girls lately. What we do have, I need to download to the computer. Maybe after this trip to Yokota I can sit down and get that taken care of. By the way, we are leaving for Yokota AB tonight. We'll stay for two nights, get shots for our upcoming trip to Vietnam, and Eric will take his last ACSC test.
We haven't done much the last month that warrants a good blog. Days are filled with me taking care of the girls and going to parks. Eric says I have been spending my days sculpting the minds of our two daughters who will hold high ranks in the world, maybe even president. I look at my girls and say there is no way that will ever happen! Anyway, the most exciting video we have is of Chloe eating ketchup straight. So, we'll save you from that (for now) until we have something worth putting on here. I'll try getting some good pictures of the girls up soon; I know my parents live to see new pictures of the girls.
Pray for a safe three hour drive to Yokota AB this evening as well as our return Wednesday. Hopefully no throwing up or constant screaming fits. Also, we are staying in a one bedroom room versus the normal three bedroom. Last time it didn't go well so pray for a better result this time (aka the girls actually sleep).

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Stacy B. said...

I have been feeling the same way about having nothing really interesting to blog about. Is it bad to say I hope your Yokota trip is just as uneventful? Hmmmmm. Well, buy some yummy American food for them and it will all get better from there. :)