Sunday, February 08, 2009

Movie Monday
I haven't done one of these posts in a long time. Since Christmas we've watched a lot of movies but I'll touch on some of the more recent. For Etta's birthday we ordered her Sleeping Beauty and Enchanted.
I don't recall ever seeing Sleeping Beauty; if I had it was long before memories held firm. I wasn't actually expecting much from this film, not sure why but it's the truth. Two American girls came over to the house after Etta's birthday party and we ended up putting the movie in. I was pleasantly surprised. The storyline was good, the animation was great (especially for that decade), and the script wasn't too cheesy. I felt like I was ready a storybook with the animation done the way it was done. Of course it follows the same pattern as most Disney Classics; very little from the main character (Sleeping Beauty) and more from other characters like the good fairies. A classic, and I'm glad we picked it up before it ends up in the vault. That's a whole discussion for a different post!

Then we come to Enchanted, I think I wanted this more for myself. Not like Etta would ever ask for it, but she is really into princess stuff right now and I needed a break from animation. You can only take so much before going crazy (side note...I think blogging is one of my few outlets into the world of grown ups). I had seen snip its of the movie on our way to Japan on the plane but I had been in and out of consciousness during the films viewing. This movie is such a nice change of pace from everything else we have. Granted, it runs along the same theme as many Disney classics (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc) but it's great for adults. Starts out in animation and ends up in real life. It subtly makes fun of those classic movies so us adults can chuckle but the kids are still interested in the wholesomeness of it. Amy Adams did a great job acting as an animated princess come to life. The only thing I don't like, the ending seems a bit rushed. However, our household gives it two thumbs up!

Have you seen either of these movies and what do you think of them?


Jen said...

Jade loves both of these movies because they both have a scary witch that turns into a dragon! Crazy kid. Personally, I LOVE Enchanted.

The Khaje Family said...

Hi Christy! I've seen both movies. As a child, Sleeping Beauty was my absolute favorite. When allowed, I watched 2-4 times a day for years. lol I still watch it on occasion with Olyvia.

Enchanted is a very cute movie too. Olyvia's absolute favorite ever since it came out on dvd. I picked it up as soon as it hit the shelves. lol

I totally love both movies!