Saturday, February 28, 2009


The closest thing to a shopping mall here in Shizuoka is Apita. It's slightly different in comparison to an American shopping mall. The one thing I love about the Japanese like malls are they have a grocery store on the first floor. One stop shopping!
Up until recently, we didn't know there was a play area in Apita. They have the standard games; ride on toys for toddlers, the claw, video games, and other games we have no idea the purpose of. The highlight though is an enclosed play area that has an array of little kid toys as well as a ball pit with a big slide . It costs the same amount is the other ball pit place we enjoy, about $3 for 20 minutes. We went ahead and paid for the girls and Etta was given a bag fill of plastic balls to choose from. The employee opens it up and tells us we get an extra 20 minutes. We take her up on the offer to use it then rather than later.

Here's a movie of the girls playing in the ball pit area with Eric


I left Eric and the girls to head down to the supermarket. I had to pick up some milk, juice, and something for the girls to eat for lunch. I also went looking for a thermos that Etta needs for preschool (starts in April!). Unfortunately all the ones they sold ran about $35, so we are hoping to find something cheaper. I headed back and watched the girls have fun then went on a hunt for a machine that I could win a few cute things for the girls. I tried, and about $10 later had nothing for the girls. Should have just bought the thermos!
When the girls we done in the toy area we were given two free plays on any machine in the area. I was determined to go back to the one machine I was trying to win a Ponyo on a Cliff little cup (another item required for preschool) along with these little black ball thingies that are in many of Hayao Miyazaki films. Of course I didn't get anything on those two tries either. But one of the ladies that worked there was so taken with the girls she opened the machine and gave Etta one of the black thingies. Etta was happy. So, in comparison to the other play area/ball pit at Ito Yokado, we thought this one was a better deal. I suppose, we'll just cycle between both of them so the girls don't get bored with the same one.
On our way out of Apita we stopped at Starbucks. After that we headed home. The girls were very interested in Eric's Java chip Frappaccino so I decided to let them have a sip. To our demise, the girls liked it. Once I took it away from them (about half the drink was gone) they started screaming, which you can see below. We are done having kids!

If you don't have kids already, don't feel obligated to have them. This is what it's like on a regular basis for us. My parents can attest, they can hear the kids on the other end of the line constantly screaming.


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