Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zoo Trip

Since it was closed on Tuesday (Yasumi, it's day off for the week) we decided to go back Friday. It was a cool morning, but we had a good time.

Checking out the orangutan. He got down and showed us just how big he really was.
Here's Chloe the lion. Unfortunately just 4 days before we went to the zoo, the female lion passed away. They are working on a huge new enclosure for a lot of the animals and they told us they think it was due to stress from moving into another cage. How sad. Her boyfriend looked bored without her too.

Chloe was ecstatic to see the elephants

This one came over to stand right in front of us, and threw some dirt at us. Bad aim!

We tried feeding some ducks in a pond but a lot of the water was ice and they weren't interested in walking on it. So, we threw what we could into the water and the girls had fun watching. Shortly after that we had an early lunch. Grumpy kids usually means hungry or tired. We went with the assumption they were hungry.
Here's our good eater....Chloe!
Etta likes a more liquid diet or the rice and salmon diet
On our way up a rope way

Eric taking a picture of me video taping him. Hmm, not productive

Look what we found at the top of the hill!

On her way to a good fall, half the fun is falling!

Chloe loves to jump
The rope way, and below that you can see the slide snaking around down the hill
A view of downtown Shizuoka
The ocean, or neighborhood is just on the other side of the hill on the left and next to the ocean
I was hoping to get some video of the slide going down. However, there were several people behind us so I couldn't stop to video. It took us probably close to 5 minutes to get to the bottom of the hill. It was tons of fun. It's one of the roller slides that is so common here in Japan, but this time they have a foam pad for you to ride. No more sore bum. We'll hopefully be doing that again next time we go to the zoo!

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