Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ouch, My Finger

I haven't posted about this because it's slightly on the gross side. Several months ago my ring finger started bothering me. It was all red, irritated, blisters, then cracking. I stopped wearing my ring until it healed then we went through the process all over again after wearing the ring for another day or two.
I don't have easy access to doctors as I normally have had in the past. Either I have to ask a local friend here to take me to a doctor they'd recommend and also have them or Eric translate for me (after calling our insurance company and making sure it's ok to see a doctor off base) or make an appointment for one of the rare times I go to Yokota with Eric. So, I did the online search typing in all of the lovely descriptions of my rash like finger. Turns out it's more common than I thought, it's called Wedding Finger Dermatitis. All it recommends for this late in the game is for me to see a doctor. We have an appointment for next week! The girls have check up appointments, Eric is taking his second to last ACSC test, and now I have an appointment for my finger.
Ok, so that's just part of the story. So, I haven't been wearing my ring since it's a major part of the problem with my rash. I typically keep it on the window ledge above the kitchen sink since the kids can't get it there. Every once in awhile it'd be on the bathroom counter, another spot the girls can't reach. I wore the ring just over three weeks ago for one day, then I had the newest rash outbreak. Well, I haven't seen my ring since. I know it was on the kitchen window ledge after my day of wearing it, and that's about it. I have three ideas of what happened to it. At some point in time the girls got a hold of it and it will turn up around the house (unless Chloe swallowed it, then it's in the garbage long gone). Or, when a bottle dropped from above the sink (it was drying and then fell down) it possibly hit the ring and knocked into my compost container. Then it was later put into our compost bin. Lastly, when the bottle fell down it knocked my ring into the sink (which was full of dishes at the time) and ended up in the sink trap. The sink trap of course was collected and thrown into the garbage that night.
So, I've cleaned under the sofa which is where I thought it would have ended up. Nope. I went through the compost. Yes, I went out there and went through the compost. I didn't see my ring. However, it could still be there and I'll find it come spring time when we actually have compost for plants. If it ended up in the garbage, it's lost for good.
I'm betting on it ending up in the garbage. I've lost a lot of sleep over it the first week but now have come to terms with the fact it could be gone forever. Kind of heart breaking, but not the worst thing that could happen in life. Good thing we have it insured. Anyone else out there lost something pretty valuable like a wedding ring?


Jen said...

That is so sad. :( Your ring was beautiful!!! Hopefully it will turn up.

I had some crazy issue with the tip of my ring finger cracking, bleeding, blistering, etc., but as soon as Jade was potty trained and I stopped touching wet wipes it went away. Turns out the wet wipes were drying it out!

Jill said...

That is horrible. I hope you find your ring.

Tara said...

That is sad! :-( But you're right that it's not the worst thing in the world. Still, it'd be such a blessing if it turns up!

I haven't lost my ring. But it is very loose and I've had it go flying off if my hands are wet at all. It has fallen on the bathroom floor at work many times, and once one of my stones fell out. I didn't even realize it until later and I was devastated. Because I have Australian opal in part of my ring and my husband's ring does too; they're from the same stone. So I got mine replaced but it was from a totally different opal. Bummer. Luckily I still have 3 other pieces of opal in the rest of my ring from the original.

Laura said...

I lost my wedding ring in the sand, while playing volleyball on Easter. Oddly enough my ex-boyfriend, Toby, found it for me.