Friday, January 23, 2009

Etta Is Now Three!

I could walk down memory lane, but I'll spare you from that! Instead, I'll tell you about her birthday and the day of her party. Etta's turned three on the 23rd and had her party on the 24th at a park down the street. For her birthday, Etta got to open several presents. Nothing exciting, a new movie and some new clothes. We wanted to hold out the good stuff until her party. Etta didn't even get to leave the house on her birthday. Eric had school then we both had Japanese lessons and the rest of the time was dedicated to prep for the party.
We however made up for the lack of birthday activities with her birthday party. Eric and I had been working all week on the crafts for the party. I made star wands, which Eric spray painted gold. I also made some tiaras for the girls to decorate with glitter glue and fake jewels to glue on. For the boys, they got to decorate crowns. Of course only one boy showed up for the princess party (until lunch started, then more showed up) so the girls decorated the crowns too. Eric spend a lot of time working on some cool swords which you'll see in pictures below. The girls also took those over and the boys tried forcing the swords from them, but mostly too not avail. Eric and I talked this evening about how many hours go into putting together a birthday party and wonder if it's worth it. But, we have so much fun watching the kids laugh and run around as well as seeing the adults enjoy the food, fun, and other grown up conversation. So, it's worth it. Luckily we only have two kids, otherwise it would be downplayed a lot!
So, here are some of my favorite pictures from Etta's third birthday.

This picture of Chloe just makes me laugh
Jones was one of the only boys, he came wearing the family crest (since it was a princess/knight party)
Our youngest guest playing with her wand
Sarah with wand in hand and trying out a princess shrug
Brianne squeezed into an Iradessa fairy dress, her decorate tiara, and wand in hand
Jones and Chloe taking a stroll around the park
The girls taking over the swords
The spread was all American food: hot dogs, burgers, BBQ beans, potato salad, chips, veggies, and fruit. It made the Americans smile and made the locals ask a lot of questions. It was fun!
Etta in her standard princess dress and crown, but the first time it was on over several layers of clothes.
Caught Miu at just the right time for a picture opportunity. We struggle in conversation, I don't speak my Japanese and she speaks no English. But we get our point across.
I caught this one with a wand!

A handful of the dresses the girls got to try on. They even got to try on Cinderella and Belle wigs!

Eric hanging the pinata
The Cinderella pinata was a big hit (no pun intended, not hitting on this pinata)
Each kid got to pull a string, one string opened the trap door that held all the candy/toys in
Chloe took a turn
Jones would have preferred taking all the strings!
Miu's turn
Brianne's second turn, and the candy all fell down. Of course Etta only ended up with one thing and nothing for Chloe. That's ok, I projected that and kept a few things for them just in case! Smart mommy:)
Etta was a little shy when everyone was singing to her
What everyone was waiting for...cup cakes! I even baked some cup cakes inside ice cream cones (see Miu below) and they turned out great. They were a big hit among kids and adults!
Natsuki and her littlest
Chloe loves frosting. Too bad she lost half of it to her face and jacket.
Princess Etta being pulled around by the big girls
Etta and her first present...Etta Bear
Mariko, our Japanese tutor's daughter
Jiji, this little cat is from Etta's favorite movie: Kiki's Delivery Service
A dog purse, of course it's from my mom!
Etta got a few more gifts today. Our favorite a really cute boots that look like Uggs. Of course she wanted to put them on after she was done unwrapping them. She went to the swings and starting stomping the the standing water from the rain the night before...she thought they were rain boots. Of course I freak out since they were the nicest gift she was given! Luckily, we went home shortly after and they cleaned up easily. I'm not sure how to teach her the difference between boots and rain boots. I guess I need to preface that the rain boots are the ladybugs and these are like shoes. Oh well.
It was nearly 2:30 before we got home for Chloe's nap. She was nearly catatonic. That means it's been a good day! Good thing we have another six months before Chloe's party.


Tara said...

What a fun party! Happy Birthday Etta!!

Jen said...

I like your ideas! I may have to do something like that for Jade. Happy birthday to Etta!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Etta!!

Stacy B. said...

Happy Birthday Etta! It sounds like a great party! And thanks for the ideas; I'm helping my sister-in-law plan a princess party for her little girl next month. We have a wide range of ages of people coming and they are mostly boys, so it should be interesting. Any other tips or ideas?

Laura said...

Cute party! Happy Birthday to the little princess!