Sunday, January 04, 2009

All You Can Eat Strawberries

warm and steamy in the green house

We couldn't keep up with Chloe at the beginning. We can tell they've missed eating California berriesSo full she's running away from me

Etta's happy to have another

Chloe, are you sure you don't want this?

Mommy's strawberry gut (I am pushing it out, I'm not pregnant!)

Etta's strawberry gut
We had taken it as a personal challenge to eat as much as we could possible eat. One family that went in the same time as we did left after only 10 minutes. That was a lot of money for 10 minutes! We would have stayed longer, Eric had a good 5 or 10 minutes left in him but there was a tsunami warning. So, we felt that it would be smart to head back home which is up on a nice hill off the beach. But, we we're full when we left. We felt the bike ride there and back worked off most of the strawberry damage. We'd prefer the California method of picking strawberries; pick what you want then pay by the pound.
The girls and I might be strawberry picking with Aya and Riko on Friday. I figured by then the girls would like to eat strawberries again.

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