Friday, December 19, 2008

Utoge Falls
Eric had found an Utoge Falls on one of the local maps so Eric was determined to drive out there and see what was there to be seen. We packed the girls up along with our kids carriers and were off to see the new site. We took the scenic drive which took us a little longer that expected, a full 90 minutes. Not very long you think...imagine Etta whining since before leaving the neighborhood that her stomach hurt, until the arrival at the destination. It was annoying. Of course Chloe chimed in too halfway through the trip. It's on video, so I'll get it on the blog eventually. At least the drive was scenic, even the part I saw of Etta throwing up on herself. Great, I didn't bring a change of clothes for the kids for such a short trip. Oh well, hang out in your throw up Etta.

We made it, and the waterfall was beautiful
I was taking a video while Eric was taking pictures. Our mino is so cute and little!

Here's me walking with Chloe

A little place to have lunch and hang out by the falls
Etta looking adorable as alwaysShe's so cute!

Chloe was riding with Eric on the way back up. Etta wanted to be a big girl and walk which she did. She had a tough time getting up a lot of the big steps, so I got a good right arm work out!
Here's what Japanese looks like to me most of the time...completely foreign
The ride back started out pretty peaceful except the girls were hungry. We were looking for a ramen shop to no avail so we were looking for a convenience store for rice balls. The girls love them! Sure enough Etta had a snack and started complaining about the stomach. Shortly after stopping for the rice balls Etta continues to throw up on herself two more times. This time, voluminous. Man, we hate traveling with the kids. We may be home bound for a little longer or need to drug Etta and Chloe up for some peace and quite during drives.


Jill said...

I take it Etta gets car sick?? If I had to clean throw up every trip, I would never leave the house. YUK!! It looks like a beautiful hike!!

Lysandra said...

Wow...such a beautiful hike. Lucky you are living it up in Japan!

Jen said...

That close-up picture of Etta in front of the fence is amazing - she's cute as ever, but the photograph as a whole is so appealing in texture and depth. I would make a giant print and hang it on your wall!!!

Tara said...

Poor Etta! Is it car sickness? My cousin had that growing up, really bad, but he grew out of it!

Beautiful hike! Those girls are as cute as can be!

Vicki said...

Don't ya' love kids? My most memorable puke was when Justice ate tons of green beans, and I was so proud of her. Then she projectile vomited green puke all over the walls on the way to the kitchen. Very "Exorcist" like.

So can Eric read all that Japanese stuff on the navigation system quickly?

Christy said...

as for car sickness, I do think Etta has it. She's thrown up more times than I can count. Chloe throws up too, but less often. I think we're putting a hault to traveling for just another month or two and see how the girls will do then. Frustrating.
Vicki, as for reading the Kanji, Eric can. Sometimes it takes him awhile though, not like reading English. For me, Kanji doesn't make much sense. I only know about 100 or so (of the several thousand).