Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How Difficult Could It Be?

I had a three hour Japanese lesson Monday morning to make up for a missed lesson when my back went out as well as my cold last week. We did some review the first two hours and then she took me out to practice my Japanese. My first trip was to the post office which was the first time I've used it. We always mail our stuff at Yokota AB once a month, way cheaper. Anyway, she told me to ask for a New Years post card which I will later send to my good local friend. The Japanese send New Years cards like Americans send Christmas cards. So, I had practiced my saying "nengajou o ichimai kudasi" (one New Years card please) with all the proper tones and nailed it on the head. I picked out a pretty Mt. Fugi card "kore o kudsai" (this one please), paid, and was on my way. Now the difficult part will be filling it out! I of course will have to address it in hiragana since I can't write in kanji and will have to have Eric look over EVERYTHING to make sure I didn't mess up. Plus I need to write the appropriate Happy New Years sayings too. I'll have to take pictures and show you soon what a post card looks like here.
Next my teacher took me to the video rental store, TSUTAYA. Ok, I've been practicing "sumimasen, kaiin ni naritain desu ga" for the last week and was ready to ask to become a member. I also can write my name, address, phone number, and birth date (they don't use a western calendar). Problem arises, we are military and don't have foreigner card and they have no idea what to do with me. Also, I forgot to bring a piece of mail with our address on it (for verification). So, they still allowed me to become a member but charged me more. Instead of 200 yen it cost me 350 yen to become a member, for higher security risk. Also, I had to come back with mail showing our address before I could rent again. No problem, had to come back the following day to drop off the rental. Lets just say I wouldn't have been able to sign up without my teacher there answering all the questions I wasn't ready for. It cost us about $10 to become a member and rent What Happens in Vegas. Oh well, won't be a weekly thing, but it will be nice to see an American movie once in awhile.
Well, it's almost Christmas Eve here...just a few more hours. I'll try posting some pictures of the girls opening their Christmas ornaments and hanging them on the tree. We're getting excited about the big day, we know the girls are going to have a blast (minus all the screaming over who gets to play with which toys). Sigh.

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Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Oh my...it's pretty much Christmas for you...Merry Christmas to all of you.