Sunday, December 07, 2008

December is a Busy Month
We are back in Shizuoka and I am nearly back to 100%. I'm almost off my medication completely and barely feel any pain. Only at the end of the day or after doing a lot with the kids do I feel a little sore. I'll keep up with my back exercises and hope that it will help keep any future back pains at bay.
Since getting home we've been decorating for Christmas, wrapping oodles of presents from the grandparents, online Christmas shopping, Christmas letters, and of course studying. I study Japanese and Eric is studying Japanese, his two Japanese college classes, ACSC, as well as his online class (his final is this week!). we often wonder where all our time is? Between the kids and studying we find little time for anything else. Speaking of, Chloe is poking my side as I type.
We've received several early Christmas presents and are excited about them. One is our present to ourselves, the Flip Video Mino. A video camera the size of a cell phone. We have only used it a handful of times and is wonderful for what we want to use it for, taking videos our of cute little girls. It holds up to 60 minutes of video and directly connects to the computer to download the videos as well as to charge. You'll see some videos of the girls shortly.

My early Christmas present from Eric was a Dell Axim X50v PDA that has been conformed to be my electronic Japanese dictionary. Lets just say my many stacks of flash cards has been reduced because I can put them on my PDA and flip them at my convenience. It was getting difficult finding specific flash cards, now all I have to do is find the file it's under (like kanji or specific counters). I can draw in a kanji and it tells me the meaning. I can look up an English word and it will give me all the options in Japanese with the hiragana (which I can read) as well as the kanji. However, all the instructions and commands are in Japanese so I need to get used to using it so I don't have to keep asking Eric, "which button do I push for .....". He's probably getting annoyed!
Another early present was from my parents, an all region/region free DVD player. Our American region only DVD player was dying and we wanted the option of also renting movies locally so this is a great gift. Unfortunately we haven't rented anything yet, so we haven't see it work it's magic yet. But so far, it's better than our old one which continuously stops or tells us it has no DVD in it.
Hate to say bi, but I'm making dinner before my Japanese lesson, otherwise Eric has to cook it. Another day in the life of Christy!


Vicki said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Cute video camera, too! Which reminds me - I need to learn how to work mine again so I can record Christmas!

Lysandra said...

I am glad you are feeling better too. Cool gadgets!

Tara said...

Yay, so happy you're feeling better! Fun early Christmas gifts too. Very cool!