Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Back to the Back
I couldn't imagine going several more days without seeing a doctor so we called about an appointment up at Yokota and they wouldn't be able to see me until Wednesday, but said I could go to urgent care. So, Eric packed up as much as he could for the kids and we were off by 11am. It took forever for urgent care but was given a shot of pain medicine fairly quickly. Unfortunately it didn't have much of affect. I went for an x-ray and thankfully everything came out fine. So, after my evaluation the doctor thinks I tore/ripped/strained a ligament in my back. So, he gave me three different medications, one pain reliever, one muscle relaxer, and vicatin. Lets just say I'm hopped up on drugs, unfortunately I can still feel some pain, but I can at least function (walk, still stand, that kind of thing). Sounds like I should be better within a week or so. If I'm not better in two weeks he wants to see me again and possibly have to do physical therapy. Hmmm, hopefully I'm better because I can't come up here for therapy. Anyway, we'll be here until Thursday. Eric scheduled an ACSC test for Thursday morning so we get to hang out until then. No big deal, it's like home away from home here. I saw this on my friend, Debbie's, website. So I made one with us in it!

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Tara said...

You poor thing! I'm praying for you! Do they have chiropractors in Japan? I had some really severe back/neck/hip problems a few months ago and was in the hospital and on a lot of meds. When I finally went to the chiropractor and got treated, the pain was gone within a few days. No more meds. It was quite miraculous actually. I can't stop singing praises for this chiropractor!

I hope one way or another, you heal soon!! You'll be in my prayers.

Lysandra said...

Wow that sounds painful! I will pray it gets better!