Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We are going to keep the Benson tradition growing up and let the girls open one present each Christmas Eve. Etta was so excited, she thought she was getting to open everything. Poor thing, she only got one. She carries around a plastic microphone that had candy in it and we upgraded to one that makes music.

Ok, this is not her face of unhappiness but she is trying to "smile" for the camera. Never looks right.
Chloe got a nice stainless steel pot set for their kitchen. It was a hit between both of them.

Etta of course had to watch...and help

This was before Eric and I went to bed, the tree was ready

Stuff ready for the girls to play with as soon as they wake up, plus I didn't want to wrap them
Chloe loves her new trike
sporting a new look

Etta was second to wake up so Eric brought her through the kitchen to get a good reaction out of her upon seeing the dress up clothes. Let's just say she was running to get her new toysChloe dressed up as Iridessa from Tinkerbell
Etta dressed up as everything: Silvermist (from Tinkerbell) plus crown, scarf, parasol, and shoes
Still dressed up and keep accumulating more things to wear, she is super happy. She's digging into her stocking and find out what's in there
Chloe is sharing some bracelets with Etta
Chloe unwrapping one of her first presents of the morning
Etta holding a pair of new mittens from her uncle
Now she has earrings and a ring with her outfit
Etta got a Cinderella wig (her favorite princess) and Chloe got a Belle (Beauty and the Beast) wig and both of them weren't interested in them. So, Eric had to try one on. Probably my favorite picture from Christmas. It did freak out Chloe though.
Oh yeah, Etta was beyond excited to open this one
We took a lunch break and then girls played for a few minutes, the kitchen is always a hit
Excited again with a Tinkerbell pillow case
The rain jacket was also a hit, a fair rain jacket and even has little wings in the back. Oh yea, she was asking to put on her rain boots to go outside. Unfortunately, it was sunny and we were opening a few more presents before Chloe needed to nap.
This was actually Etta present but got a great picture of Chloe on it. It's one of those balls you sit on, hold a handle, then jump around. Obviously Chloe is too small for it but still tries to get on.
Last present before Chloe's nap time, and it was a winner. The Weeble castle is loved by both of them.
A long nap from Chloe, dinner, and then we unwrapped the last presents under the tree. Another great present was the VTech fridge toy that has types of food, colors, and letters. They both run into the kitchen to play with it now. Super cute.
Not sure how long TJ Bear has been around but this guy tells stories and moves limbs. Chloe thinks he's great. Hope we can keep them interested in him, he's cute.
All the presents have been opened and the house is completely destroyed. Eric is putting together the last toy that was opened, a baby doll with stroller, bassinet, and carrier. Wow, a lot more putting together than we had imagined. It's the day after Christmas now and the house is slowly getting put back together again. The girls are still interested in their new toys (all but for the wigs). As for myself, Eric got me a nice diamond bracelet to replace the one I got for my birthday (that broke twice and has lost three diamonds all in a matter of three weeks, it's still a sore subject for me), my parents got me a really nice bathroom scale to keep tabs on my Sensa progress, and lots of books from Eric's parents. Eric's big present was a GPS heart rate watch plus some movies. We are enjoying catching up on American movies. It's been awhile since we've seen something new (relatively speaking, if you call Wall E new).
We will celebrate Christmas dinner on Sunday with Aya and her family. We'll introduce them to big ass ham with all the yummy sides and desserts. We're looking forward to sharing the story of Jesus's birth with them because Christmas is not celebrated here in Japan like it is in America. The only thing they do is have Christmas cake, that's the extent of their celebration.
As for all the presents you saw in the pictures and more that didn't make it into the blog mostly came from my parents...we don't spoil the kids....they do! Just wanted that disclaimer in case you thought we were insane:)


Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Oh my goodness...looks like the girls will have plenty to keep them busy for awhile. I love the wig photo of Eric and Etta's face with the not so happy smile...Glad Christmas went well...I'll have to post my after Christmas update soon with the puppy reaction from the kids...

klstowe said...

Awww, how cute! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. We had that "one present on Christmas Eve" tradition also and I remember as a kid it was always hard to choose and then stop at just one! I'm sure the girls will be happy with their new toys :) Hope you all have a fabulous New Year's as well!