Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Before Christmas

We are following one of the Benson household traditions on giving Christmas ornaments before Christmas. The girls had been seeing Christmas presents under the tree for awhile and welcomed the idea of opening some of them. These pictures are from about two weeks ago, about time to get them up. Etta has remnants of make up on her face if you are wondering what's up with the dark areas.
Etta's favorite ornament so far, a little princess
Girls checking out all the ornaments, which they love to take off and attempt to put back up
Etta's onto #2 while Chloe is still working on #1

trying to put up their ornaments
The favorite ornament of all, See N Say
trying to get a family picture, Chloe took off
Chloe came back...sort of
Well, this was the best we could get
This was out tree two weeks ago, there were more presents as of last night
We just celebrated Christmas this morning, ha we get to celebrate it before friends and family back in the states. We have taken tons of pictures and will have to get them on the computer soon. We had to stop opening presents for lunch and then Chloe needed to take a nap. She was beat! Still have about 10 packages left. Pictures to come.

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