Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wonderful Weekend
As stated by the title, our weekend was wonderful. After my Japanese lesson Friday evening I dressed the girls up and we went trick or treating with two other American families in our neighborhood. Since the Japanese celebrate the festivities we have to alter our strategy. Since the other families live next door to each other they came to trick or treat at our house first then we all went to another house that has an American missionary. He even dressed up for the kids. Then we trick or treated at both the American families houses. Seems a little odd we just trick or treat at our own homes, but what else are you going to do? Then we got into a van and drove to another missionary's home. So, the kids got candy from five different homes, one being our own. They didn't end up with much, but how much candy can a two and one year old eat?
Getting picked up by the Vanzantes family. Etta's a fairy princess (her every day dress up) and Chloe is a Golden Retriever
Jaime is trying to get 'trick or treat' out of Etta
She finally ended up saying 'treat', hmmmmm
At our last stop, I love Jones as a Sumo

After we got home it was time to eat dinner and Etta cried that she couldn't eat her candy instead. After shoving them full of chicken nuggets they were allowed some candy and they both picked the candy corn. Wouldn't have been my first choice.
Saturday morning we went to Etta's upcoming preschool (I've come to terms with her going to the far public preschool, I can blog about it soon). They have an annual bazaar where families come and buy food, drinks, play some games. At the beginning they did a Little Red Riding Hood puppet show that was amazing. It included the wolf eating grandma then dad coming and cutting open the wolf to get daughter and grandma out of the wolf's stomach. Something I wouldn't expect in America! Both the girls actually sat and watched it.
We left shortly before lunch and headed to Eric's university for the international festival there. Turned out it was basically a food festival without much else going on. We picked out a handful of different things for the girls to eat and we got all the rejected food. I think we would have had a better time but we had celebrity greetings there. Everyone that would pass us buy would stare at us, say 'kawaii' for the kids being so cute, and take pictures of the girls. At one point we were completely surrounded by Japanese people getting stared at and people taking pictures. Just not normal! After that we headed home, we needed a little break from people staring at us.
Sunday was a church picnic and a great park the next city over. We were there by 9am and the kids had a blast. Huge open grass field, zip lines, playground, and a gigantic slide. The gigantic slide got rave reviews from kids and parents. We enjoyed going down with the kids. It took Etta several times to figure out how to go down without getting hurt. She slid on her tummy a lot until she got the hang of sitting on her bum without falling over or spinning out of control.
She's just too cute, I don't need to say any more
I couldn't even get the entire slide in the picture, it's that big
Mom's getting in on the fun
The girls from church are just great with Etta and Chloe
Chloe went down the slide probably as many times as Etta, she loved it!
daddy isn't going to let all the kids have the fun without him
Where's Etta going?
Smiles from Daddy and Chloe!
Etta did a lot of tummy sliding after she tumbled down one time

The church members played several games that we kid friendly, even Etta and Chloe got to help out. Not sure if they 'helped' much. Then we all sat around and ate our lunches. Of course I brought rice balls, what else would I bring?
To top of our Sunday Eric and I had a date! One of the American couples came over to watch the girls and put them to sleep while we went downtown to check out the street performance festival. We just walked around downtown watching their performers then found a coffee shop with pastries and hung out for the evening. It was so neat having conversations with each other again. Something we don't get to do often anymore now that we study all the time or are listening to the kids. We'll be trading off with babysitting with the other couple so we get free babysitting every other week or so. Life is good!

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Jen said...

I want to visit Japan even just for the parks! I can't believe how many cool & different places you have found.

It's so nice that you have friends there that made your date night possible!!