Friday, November 28, 2008

Sensa Challenge

Time on Sensa- 4 Weeks
Weight lost this week- 1 lbs
Total weight loss - 3 lbs

It's been an entire month, I can't believe it. To have lost any weight is surprising, even if I'd like to loose more. I haven't changed anything about my diet other than adding Sensa to all my meals. I have noticed I'm snacking less than before and not craving them as much as I usually do. As of today I opened my second month container. The theory is that our body gets used to the specific tasteants after a month of using them, so you have to move onto a slightly different formula. Any suggestions on a nice but not too expensive weight scale. Mine is giving me a hard time, maybe something digital! I want to keep more accurate records of my weight.

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Jen said...

Good work on losing a few pounds! It really is an interesting way to do it!