Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sensa Challenge

Time on Sensa- 2 Weeks
Weight lost- plus 2 pounds

Ok, this past week has been bad. One, I haven't been faithful at using Sensa and I've had a lot of wine (in short...girls night out, a bottle with Eric, and three bottles with company last night. Not good for weight loss). Those mixed together gave me the end results of weight gain. I have to admit remembering to use Sensa is very difficult for me. I usually eat when the kids are eating and my mind is on whether or not Etta and Chloe need another chicken nugget or a milk refill rather than shaking Sensa on my food. I'm resolved to do better from here on out.
I also started exercising again yesterday. I have been sick the past week and finally feel good enough to do some aerobics. I went to a class yesterday morning and then do a little pilates at home (with some assistance from both the girls too). Hopefully next week things will go better for me and the scale.

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