Friday, November 07, 2008

Our Fun Buy

There is so much to post about. The preschool ordeal, the election, the Japanese people, and our continuation in the Japanese language. But, instead I feel like blogging about a great purchase we just made. Ok, we made it awhile ago but were able to pick it up at Yokota last week. We do most of our transportation by bike so we ordered bike seats from the states for the girls (in case you are wondering the Japanese ones just aren't as safe and are more expensive). We have the double trailer but it's hard to use it since the roads are so narrow and don't have sidewalks. With a child on each bike we'd be able to travel to more places here in Shizuoka. Eric did most of the research and found one for each of our bikes. A front seat on his bike (since he already has a bike rack on the back of his bike) and a bike seat for the back of my bike. My bike seat hasn't shown up, long story on that one. But, Eric easily attached the bike seat and took both the girls for rides. Just in case you are in the market for one, it's called iBert Safe T Seat. I happen to come out with the camera during Etta's ride.

She really enjoys the view from this seat

You can see all the additions Eric has made to his bike from this picture. It's getting heavy now.
Another shot of the happy pair. Hopefully we'll have my bike seat next time we take a trip to Yokota.
I rode Eric's bike around the block to see how different the bike rode and my legs are too long for the bike seat. My knees kept hitting the back of it. So, I'm thankful it works for Eric and that we didn't order one for my bike.


Vicki said...

That looks like so much fun! After baby #2 comes along, we will definitely be purchasing something - possibly a bike trailer for both kids. We'd love to ride the trails and ride to the park in our neighborhood.

It's also neat you bike everywhere. Good exercise and no gas!

Tara said...

That's cool!

Jen said...

Etta looks like she's loving that! If her legs get much longer she'll have to give her seat up to Chloe and ride on the back of your bike. :)

Anonymous said...

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