Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Little Models - More Fun Buys

Another great purchase we picked up at Yokota was the girls' new rain boots. It had been raining off and on since we moved here and the girls had been kept inside the house all that time. We didn't find anything cute here so we ordered adorable boots from piperlime. I wouldn't have since they weren't exactly cheap, but I had found a 20% discount plus it's free shipping and returns. So, they sold me.
Here's Chloe modeling her cat rain boots
A little big, but they love them
Etta's getting the pose down

The piperlime box showed up the day we were leaving to head back to Shizuoka. We lucked out! Plus, I knew when the girls got cranky in the car all I had to do was open the box and pull out their boots to keep them entertained awhile. It worked! Etta held her shoes or wore her shoes the entire way home. Unfortunately it didn't rain until yesterday, but the girls have been having a blast wearing them in the house and talking about rain.
In other news, we have decided to have Etta go to the preschool that is about a 20 minute bike ride from the house. All in all, there is one other American girl there that can help Etta/teachers when there is a communication problem, there is maybe 10 students in her class, the staff has had several non-Japanese speaking kids come through, and they are all smitten with Etta. How could we say no? One of our friends had told me about a bazaar at the original preschool we wanted Etta to go to. She said I could pick up used uniform stuff there for real cheap. Eric was unfortunately at school so I had to tote Etta and a nearly asleep Chloe to the school and figure out what the uniforms were and get them. Luckily Yumiko showed up and pointed out all the stuff I'd need. Long sleeve smocks, short sleeve smocks, a back back, play tops for winter and summer, another bag for books, a back for spare clothes, a bag for shoes, a bag for a cup, a bag for their lunch, wash clothes, and who knows what other 'bags' I bought. They have to bring certain things with them each day and each item has to be in its own bag. It was complicated but I bought everything she told me to.
Here's Etta trying on her long sleeve smock. She won't be wearing it until next winter so she has time to grow into it. She also has a 'play' shirt on underneath it.
Here she's showing off her school backpack
Here's her summer smock, it's big but for 20 yen I couldn't pass it up (about 20 cents!)
Here's one of her 'play' shirts on. See the rain boots in the background?
That's it for now. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures of the girls!


Debbie'sDailyDose said...

Etta is growning up so quickly, she looks so grown up in these pics...I love their rain boots, especially the ladybug ones.

Christy said...

I really wanted to get Chloe the lady bug boots but they didn't have them in her size. The ladybug is our favorite too!

Jill said...

When does Etta start preschool? From the adorable rain boots, I assume, it must rain a lot where you are at??