Monday, November 24, 2008

Making Gyoza
Aya, her husband Hiro, and Rico came over last night for dinner. She brought the ingredients to teach me to make gyoza! Ok, there was no measuring involved so I can't give specifics other than ingredients and general amounts. Man, it was so much fun. So, to start to evening we put the bounce house up for Rico, her first time. Let's just say it amazed Aya. Rico only wanted to play if mommy was in there too. Here's a picture of the girls.

Here are some other pictures of the kids while Aya and I were in the kitchen.

Hiro and Rico

Gyoza Ingredients

bunch of leek (finely chopped)
half a head of cabbage (finely chopped)
pound of ground pork
squirt of ginger paste
squirt of garlic paste
drizzle of oyster sauce
drizzle of soy sauce
drizzle of cooking sake
drizzle of sesame oil
2 pkgs of gyoza wrappers (small and round)

Mix all together with hands until sticky. Take a teaspoon of filling and place in center of wrapper. Wet the outer edge of half of the wrapper. Fold over and fold over several times (not sure how to explain that one). Place on a floured surface.
Heat a drizzle of sesame (or olive oil) in pan and arrange gyoza in pan. Pour about 3/4 cup water and a drizzle of oil around the gyoza. Cover and let steam. When water is gone take lid off and wait until the bottoms have browned. When done, flip over onto a plate. Serve with soy sauce mixed with a little seasoned vinegar and three drops of spicy oil (not sure of that one still). Yummy!

Starting to fill the gyoza wrappers with the mixture

Aya accidentally forgot the wrappers at home. Hiro to the rescue, he went down the street to Mochizuki (our local grocery store) and picked up some other ones.

Aya teaches me to properly wrap the gyoza

Aya arranges them so pretty

See how pretty!

Aya couldn't hold Rico so Rico went to me, ah I feel loved

Aya and Rico

Eric had great speaking practice with Hiro. he even learned the Japanese word for impressionist last night. I can't recall it because it was quite difficult. You can also see by the picture that we did chocolate fondue for dessert! That was their first time and I think they liked it. It's fun introducing them to things they've never had or done before.

Aya invited us to take a trip with them in March to a city an hour away. It's a great place for Cherry Blossom viewing and her parents live there. She wants to introduce us to her family. So, we are looking forward to taking a trip overnight in March with local tour guides!

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Jen said...

How fun. It's nice to have some "local" friends to learn from, and I am sure they enjoy learning things from you too!