Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day Trip to Nagoya

Driving three hours each way should not be squeezed into one day, but we did it! Yokata! We woke the girls up and put them in the car and took off just after 7am. It took over three hours to get to the aquarium (thanks to traffic) and met up with our friends from Monterey, CA. They live in another part of Nagoya where we had originally planned on living (before changing our minds and coming to Shizuoka). We went right away to the dolphin show which is definitely the highlight. They used to have a killer whale but it just died a few months ago. That would have been neat to see. Etta and Chloe seemed very interested in the dolphins and enjoyed the entertainment.

Here are our friends Charley, Mel, and Ryden
Since the kids hadn't had much of a chance to run around at all since waking up we went into a dolphin viewing room. It was intensely blue so the pictures were kind of crazy!
Ryden trying to touch the dolphins

After lunch our friends had to head back home and we continued our journey through the aquarium. We found that it wasn't worth the three hour drive, maybe just one hour. We were spoiled in Monterey with the aquarium just 10 minutes away and more geared towards children. We found the Nagoya aquarium was pretty sparse. Oh well, the kids had a great time.
Just outside the aquarium there was a big ferris wheel and lots of entertainment for kids. The Japanese are big on little ride on toys for children. Chloe and Etta have to try out every one, but very rarely do we actually put the 100 yen into the slot for it to work (a dollar a pop goes fast!).

We were headed to the ferris wheel when Etta saw the merry go round and had this reaction.
The melt down continued for what seemed to be ages. Eric walked all the way back to the car for sweaters and hats for the girls and she was finally calmed down when he got back. Once she stopped crying and politely asked to go on the Merry Go Round she was allowed to go. Which, you'll see in the below picture how happy it made her

She had to play on a few more rides before agreeing to go on the ferris wheel.

By the time we were going to ride the ferris wheel, Chloe had fallen asleep in her stroller. She and I got to hang out while Daddy and Etta went for a ride.

As soon as Etta came off the ferris wheel Etta ran to this ride on toy. You put 200 yen in and it starts walking, the kids get to steer it. She really enjoyed it.
She thought it was over way too soon
We were all funned out so we went back to the shopping center for a little ice cream. As we were walking to a table with our beloved strawberry ice cream cone Etta threw a fit about wanting to hold it. Not a good idea, she drops everything. We told her no but she could eat the ice cream with us. That wasn't good enough. So, she continued to scream for several minutes and it got worse when she saw Chloe getting a little of that ice cream (for once she was being the good child). Etta picked up her chair and threw it! Oh yeah, I wish I could have seen my face during that episode. Eric immediately picked her up and took her outside. I felt bad because Chloe and I finished the yummy ice cream. Etta was still doing the huffing and puffing when we met up with them. She still talks about getting no ice cream when crying and throwing chairs. Hmmm, hope she doesn't do that again.
We had a peaceful drive home. Etta promptly fell asleep and Chloe watched a little Baby Einstein until dinner time. Rice balls are so easy for the kids to eat in the car. Once she was fed she fell asleep and Etta woke up. She then ate dinner and watched a movie. Then we were home. Yay! It was a good drive back (for a change). It gives us hope for some upcoming trips we want to take around Japan.

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Vicki said...

It looks like they had a great time at the aquarium! Did you do any celebrating of Thanksgiving this year? Not sure you can find anything remotely like turkey & stuffing in Japan. At any rate - Happy Thanksgiving. And, if it makes you feel any better, Justice has had lots of those terrible fits lately. Ugh. She gets this awful voice I consider to be straight from the devil. She just had one before her nap today and I'm still recovering :)